A brief guide to CSGO Prime accounts

Here, we are discussing the benefits of csgo prime accounts and how to attain csgo accounts with medals. Csgo has never disappointed its fans ever since its launch; now that the new update has surfaced after Operation Breakdown, it was quite a stir! To start your matchmaking journey quicker than most, one must require countless fellow csgo players so that they can have the game started anytime they want. This way you get to have perfect balance in terms of teammates & opponents.

What are CSGO Prime Accounts?

When Valve initially launched CSGO prime accounts it was more inclined towards an experimental basis; to see if a player could stick better with the same ranked player. CSGO prime accounts were developed in April, *016. Prime is a status that can be achieved once you have reached level *1 or you can buy one from a smurf store. Furthermore, once you procure a prime account you get exclusive perks, as well.

Those who have the prime status get matched with other prime players during matchmaking. They have access to limited items such as drops, weapon cases, and all community-operated servers. When the prime feature was added into CSGO the first-ever souvenir item to be added was an MP5-SD.

Why Do You Need CSGO Prime Accounts?

A Prime account is needed for separating gamers into two categories:

  • Those who got a prime account signifies to be more legit and skilled.
  • Those who use a non-prime account are considered either a noob or a hacker.
  • The main reason to have a prime account is to dodge instances like meeting hackers or cheaters; the most commonly practiced cheats would be wallhacking and aimbotting. These things happen in the lower division of CSGO and a prime account forbids them from happening. However, it isn’t 100% that you won’t ever meet a hacker; the probability to encounter a hacker is low but never zero.
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When you get a prime status you must link your phone number with your Steam account. It is crucial to do so; else you will be matched against non-prime users. Furthermore, if a player is found to be using cheats by the VAC server, he shall be banned for a specific time; if the no. of blocking in his number increases the blocking timing increases, as well. Similarly, when one has numerous accounts connected to one number can result in getting banned by the VAC server.

CSGO Accounts with medals

Attaining a medal in CSGO is as hard as getting Prime status. To get a csgo account with medals, one needs to donate for a year continuously; breaking the donation cycle would mean you must start from the beginning. It looks easy but it isn’t for many. Many stop donating for several reasons; if you could, then purchase csgo accounts with medals. Purchasing csgo accounts with medals is easier than going over this strenuous task.

However, one has to be a level 40 player to be eligible first. And not just a level 40 player, but also be a skilled player. A medal in csgo showcases your achievement; if what you’re after is aesthetic, then we’d suggest not opting for it! You can get plenty of other options to enhance your aesthetics, however, csgo accounts with medals can only do justice if you are a pro in what you do.

Does a Steam authenticator require you to elevate your account to prime?

Definitely not! Although a mobile authenticator ensures you safe access to your account.

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What if mistakenly, I have upgraded an incorrect account to Prime?

There’s no need to panic, you can reselect the prime status and put it into the correct account within 3 days-time. However, the accounts must be linked to the same phone number. In case you have to reassign another status, you have to wait for 6 months.

What happens when I don’t upgrade my account to Prime?

Chances are you’d be matching against non-prime account users, who can be a hacker. Most of the time non-prime users turn out to be cheats; this can be bothersome for many. You will also be fighting against other prime users, but chances are 50-50.

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