A complete guide on developing a food delivery app

Creating a food delivery app can be a complicated process. An app such as Foodpanda, UberEats or Zomato need not only work better for the users but for the restaurant’s owners as well. Other than that it must be able to process the delivery process. There are many factors which can affect the success of the app. There are many factors and features which you need to consider when creating a food delivery app.

In this article, we are going to discuss some features and details of how to create an app like Zomato, Foodpanda or more.

Benefits of a food delivery app

The food delivering industry has extra ordinary potential to grow. People are interested in such services on a regular basis which doesn’t make your product outdated or unknown to the customers, this is why your app is likely to be in demand. The food market is continually growing—which makes this time perfect for joining the competition.

This is not it, you are likely to get access to a broad customer base as many smartphone users download food delivery apps to regularly order food. Young people, office employees, families and children etc. are likely to become your regular customers. It can help you grow and gain popularity in the market.

Essential features of a great food delivery app

One of the most essential element of food delivery apps is excellent customer service and experience for the users—customers, restaurant owners and carriers. You can create separate logins options having a different interface for each customer, restaurant manager and the delivery person. However, you can also go for three different apps which fulfils the needs of users belonging to different categories.

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Regardless of the tactic you use to build your service delivery app, you need to make sure that it is functional for each type of stakeholder. A great food delivery app must have the following features.

  • A detailed description of restaurants and menu

It is essential to provide the customers with the necessary information about the dishes present on the Manu and their composition so they can choose what they should order.

  • Order placement option

The placement of an order must be easy and simple. Your app must provide an option to specify the content of the meal. Not just that, it must be able to provide them with a customisation option to give them the possibility to customise their order according to their preferences.

  • Search tool

A search bar to find favourite restaurants or dishes which they serve. Your user must be able to find the categories of food to make the process quicker and easier.

  • The location

A useful feature for the customers and the delivery person. It can help the customers to find nearby restaurants and provide a precise location for the carriers.

  • A tracker

This is something that can console the urge of food of the customers. The tracking option of the app can control the delivery process of the food and help the clients analyse the process of preparation of the order.

  • Payment solutions

Customers nowadays opt for digital payments rather than cash on delivery. Make sure that your app provides various options and payment methods to meet the needs of the customers.

  • Feedback option
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People must be able to write a review of the services of the app or the restaurant or the dish. It can help you to find the weak points of your services.

  • Rewards per order

Provide your customers with incentives to bring loyal with the app to make sure they stick around being a loyal client to your brand. Provide them with points or discount coupons to encourage them to order.

  • Push notification

One of the vital features of the app to encourage people to order food. You can notify your customers about their order or inform them about a discount or remind them to order when they are busy.

  • Order history

Your app must enable the customer to analyse their previous orders. You can also provide them with a reorder option. It is essential to have a history analysis of your data as it is crucial for the growth of the restaurants.

These are some of the most essential features of food delivery apps. The details and features of your app can make it unique so make sure that you build a successful business in the food delivery niche.

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