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A Complete Guide to Skip Hire for Households

Skip Hire is an ideal for waste disposal whether it is related to the work of small house renovation or a huge project of construction. If you are planning for a small renovation like installation of new flooring, cladding installation, kitchen refurbishment or any storage clear-out, skip hire is the most practical and reliable way to manage Skip hire residential waste. But it is also necessary to understand the usage, sizes, types of skips which are required to keep your home cleaned and tidy. Meeting the requirements of hiring a skip according to the amount of waste you are needed to manage will be the key factor you have to deal with.

Most skip bin providers stock and provide a wide range of skips that are suitable for anything from the smallest redecorations to the largest construction operation in any location. No matter what is the actual scale and volume of your project, it is recommended to adopt the following tips and understand which types of skips you are required.

2-5 Cubic Yards Mini Skips

For the perfect disposal of old constructed flooring, refurbished kitchen interiors, furniture, doors or any, mini-skip hiring is appropriate for it. For such requirements, you will need to install the smallest capacity of any skip bin available but offer ample space for your small projects. For example, 2-5 cubic square Yards mini skips can help you to manage skips equivalent to 55-60 blag bags.

6-8 Cubic Yards Mid-Sized Skips

If you are planning to renovate one or more rooms near your constructed house then mid-sized skips will be the better choice. These skips can hold a fair amount of heavy and bulky waste involving bricks, roof tiles and furniture. These skip bins are bulky and heavy but perfect to load bulky wastes like bricks, broken roofs, tiles, furniture and more. These are known as builder skips as these sizes of bins are mostly used on construction sites.

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12-16 Cubic Yards Maxi Skips

For large projects and huge sized construction operations, there might be requirement of handling large sizes rubbish and waste which may occur due to renovations and construction projects. A maxi skip bins can be proved more cost-effective and reliable. With the high capacity of equivalent to 150 plastic bags, maxi skips also have higher sides making them more practical for the disposal of large and tall items. Even if you need to get rid of old furniture, old flooring, tiles, broken almirah etc. this maxi-sized skip can easily dispose of any kind of large and tall items and give more space to keep new and expected things.

Roll on Roll Off Skips

Roll on Roll off hire is the only suitable skip bins for such projects which require appropriate and relevant waste disposal management. These skips containers can be installed effectively in a wide range of capacities from 15-40 cubic yards and have very high sides. These skip containers are commonly used for construction sites, for instance – large scale home renovations might require a roll on roll off skip. Whether you need to manage the skip of your garden work, installation of new roofing and new windows etc. Roll on Roll Off skips have that much of capacity that can never be ignored in any project.

Grab Hire Loadings

Sometimes it happens that home renovation becomes tricky and hard for you when it comes to handling the skip management during any construction projects. You cannot place any skip bin or containers properly as in a busy crowded street where parking becomes impossible and limited. – in this situation grab hire loading is the solution for you where you can manage your household skip effectively.

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A grab hire skip is a lorry formed waste manager which can be utilized through a grab-arm mechanism. It also helps to pick up waste loading without the need for labour and take it away for disposal. Through this most and immediate waste disposal solution and allows for the easy removal of waste from behind fences and walls.


Always try to plan your skip hire residential waste in advance, taking into account the type and quantity of waste that will help you to produce productivity and run your project efficiently. It will also enable you to reduce waste cost, reduce project delay time and enhance efficiency of labours. You can control any probabilities of accidents by hiring a skip on time and placing it on a required place.