A complete Guide to VAT for Charitable Organizations

The buyers, sellers, and manufacturers in every other country are bound to pay tax on what they produce or purchase. The government will receive this tax and will add it to the government’s revenue. This revenue generated from the tax is useful for the development sectors and other fields of the country.

Apart from development factors, the tax amount is useful in paying government employees’ salaries, such as government schools and hospitals. Whether there is a need for money by the government or not. The government still applies a tax on goods and products because to make the resources available every time. People tend to buy the product less if the tax applies to it than the products having no tax.

It becomes impossible and hard for the sellers, manufacturers, and companies to understand the VAT rules and regulations. That is why they consult agencies for help; the best VAT consultancies in Dubai are also available to guide in this regard.

What is Value added tax (VAT)

Value added tax or VAT is also known as goods and services tax sometimes as it is the tax on goods and other raw materials. Value added tax is much more different from sales tax. Value added tax is payable on each stage of the production. When a seller sells its product to a buyer, the VAT is inclusive of its cost.

 Let suppose the sellers have a product whose manufacturing cost was 100, but when the seller would sell the product, a value added tax will be a part of it, which may be any standard rate for every product. The buyer’s total cost will be its actual cost, plus the Value added tax.

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The tax that the buyer pays is received by the government indirectly through the actual seller because the government is not responsible for tracking a record of every buyer ad then goes door to door for collecting the tax.

How VAT works?

To understand the working of the VAT, let consider a product that is manufactured by a manufacturer. The manufacture does not produce just one product; instead, the quantities are enormous. When the manufacturer sells the products to the buyers, they include the tax on each product.

The manufacturer receives the cost of the product along with the tax amount for each product. The government takes the total tax depending upon the number of goods sold. The VAT rate for the type of product is different, ranging from 20 percent to zero percent.

Are charities free of VAT?

Charities work for the well being of individuals and society. The charities may intend to provide different modes of help. There is no exemption for charities that are providing services like sports events and fitness activities.

Activities that intend to save human life and are crucial for humans are likely to get zero VAT rates. You can get more information about VAT exemptions from the best VAT consultantcy in Dubai.

Which activities in charity pay a reduced rate?

Not all the activities under charitable organizations are free; some activities have zero VAT rates. Such actions are as follows.

  • Ambulances: Many charities provide ambulances to hospitals to deal with any emergencies.
  • Medical equipment: Stethoscope and machinery used in hospitals and health care institutions are free of VAT.
  • Equipment purchased for disabled people: Wheelchairsand other necessary equipment types for a disabled person are also part of the Zero VAT rate list.
  • Rescue material: Rescue materials such as life jackets, boats, and ambulances have zero VAT rates for charities.
  • Drugs and medicines: Charities donate medicines and other medical equipment to many medical camps and hospitals. When the charities prove their eligibility for relief, they get the medical equipment at a zero VAT rate from the supplier.
  • Home and shelter services: Charities provide shelter and homes to homeless people. They receive a grant in the construction of shelters and homes.
  • Advertisement material asking for donations: Charities don’t work on their own they also ask for grants from the people. The medium use to ask for varies. For example, writing letters are a way to ask for donations, envelopes, and other relevant materials are with zero value-added tax.
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What is a relief, and how to ask for VAT relief?

The discount on the VAT rate is known as a relief. Many charities who are are not having zero VAT rates can apply for relief.  Charities must prove their status with the documents required.

Letters and certificates from the authorities play a significant role in relief for the charities. These letters are means for the confirmation of the eligibility for relief.

If you are one of the charities and need help regarding VAT relief, seek the guidance and assistance of the best VAT consultancy in Dubai.

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