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A Day in the life of a statistician

A typical day in the life of a statistician would require them to perform the following tasks. These tasks encompass activities that relate to collation, organization, interpretation and prediction of data.

A Statistician’s career path

A basic foundational understanding of the various mathematical and statistical principles, theories, techniques and analytical skills can be obtained through the bachelors in business statistics. This degree will help you to get entry-level jobs as a Statistician in various business verticals. They are instrumental in identifying numerical trends in a plethora of fields and are able to understand social and economic phenomenon affecting the vast populace.

One of the higher employers of statistician jobs is the government of Uganda. You could be working in the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, (UBOS) as a government statistician. You will have the responsibility to collect and analyse data relevant to matters of public policy – unemployment rates indicative of the health of the economy, quality of drinking water by analysing pesticides levels, ascertain the population of endangered species,  pollution rates reflective of the natural environmental impacts. At national defence agencies, statisticians are utilized to analyse the outcomes of defence strategies.

  1. They need to identify the trends in the vast data and other factors that could affect the result of the research.
  2. Statistical methods need to be adapted to solve problems focused on individual fields like biology, engineering, economics. Same methods cannot be used for all fields.
  3. Raw data obtained needs to checked for inaccuracies, organized in order to process it.
  4. All statistical analyses results need to be reported in a coherent and easily understandable manner utilizing various visuals aids.
  5. They would need to use a complex system on the computer to process huge amounts of data for statistical modelling and graphical analysis.
  6. They need to develop a deeper understanding of the fields in which they are trying to apply the statistical methods to gauge whether the methods are best suited to that field.
  7. They would need to apply sampling techniques to define groups to be surveyed for the collection of data.
  8. They need to design surveys, questionnaires, experiments, opinion polls to collect the necessary range of data.
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