A Guide on Camera Placement

To enhance security, many commercial and residential areas install cameras to monitor the movement of potential suspects. Due to several increases in burglary, people have started taking precautionary measures by themselves. The crime rate increased to an extent where state machinery is unable to give protection to innocent citizens.

There two types of CCTV installation services provided – indoor placement and outdoor placement.  We will discuss each aspect in-depth.

Outdoor Placement

The best practice to install the outdoor camera is 7-10 feet above the ground. The reason is to capture adequate areas with a clear view, and pixels don’t burst. The height is enough to view thieves and intruders. The camera needs to be away from the sun. The bright light can cause glare and high contrast in your videotape. So, the vision of the camera needs to get indirect sunlight.

Furthermore, you need to give a thought either to hide or a visible camera. Many people prefer to hide a camera to deter potential intruders. Besides, many people simply place a camera without being operational to prevent crime. It is done to avoid the services of CCTV installation.

Indoor Placement

Before you go on placement, indoor placement done to diminish the potential threat of theft from the accessible people. Coming over placement, avoid putting the camera facing towards the window, it can degrade footage quality. Since many security cameras have Infrared (IR) technology, it detects motion and allows the camera to adjust a light.

For example, your footage washed out; IR technology enables you to remove reflection and obscure. It usually happens in the dark. However, your camera needs to be away from light sources.

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Installation Tips

Before a live, test all your equipment via CCTV installation services. See the operation of the camera and functions so that you don’t get panic at the time of any problematic situation. See the evaluation and monitor process thoroughly.

Don’t take measures that bring damages or strains the lens, casing, or electrical components. Make sure to clean all the equipment associated with the CCTV system. Take a premium package, including CCTV camera installation and services, to remove all dirt or prone accumulated after some time.

Pro Installation

With the camera technology, you will be able to decipher either to CCTV installation services from professional or not. There are a few cameras that quickly set up without seeking services from technicians or professionals. Now the camera technology is operated through Wi-Fi without much wiring. So, it is relatively easy to setup.