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A Guide on Women’s Fitness Jewelry for a Quirky Workout Look

Women love dolling up. But dressing up should not be limited to just special occasions. Why hassle when you can also accessorize your workout sessions. Staying fit is a mandatory aspect of lifestyle these days but so is looking good. You can flaunt your daily workout look by just adding a few women’s fitness jewelry.  Now the doubt arises whether it is advisable to wear jewelry to workout or not. Some factors that need to be kept in mind while deciding your piece of fitness jewelry are – what is the situation, what are your preferences and the type of jewelry that you will not hinder your workout.

Two important things that matter the most whilst choosing the perfect women’s fitness jewelry are safety and hygienic standards. For instance, if you are doing an intense workout with inappropriate jewelry, it can not only hamper your workout but might also cause injuries. Workouts like weight lifting or boxing can be hard with rings, bangles or bracelets. These can not only enhance the chances of injuries but might also distract your focus.

Once you are done with your intense sweaty workout and you take a shower with your jewelry still on, it can cause skin irritation and a breeding ground for germs and bacteria which can even lead to severe skin issues later.  

Rules of wearing jewelry to workout

Remove Every Ring While Weightlifting

During any kind of weight lifting, you must remove all your rings. This will not only remove the chances of you getting hurt but will also give you a better grip. Weights can also damage the structure of your ring. Removing your rings will give you the best results from the amount of energy you are exerting on your workout.

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Look for The Stylish Tech Accessories

You can choose to wear sports accessories that are specifically made for workouts. There are many stylish tech accessories that are in fad. Some funky items for women who are into fitness and fashion both, can be, fitness tracker, wireless headphones, sweatbands, headbands, waist trainer belts etc. These accessories will not hamper your workout sessions and will leave you looking fabulous.

Avoid Mixing Chlorine Water and Gold Jewelry

Avoid wearing silver or gold jewelry to swimming. The chlorine water can have a tarnishing effect on the jewelry. Another risk involved is you might even lose your precious jewelry while you are in the water at the pool or beach. If you still wish to wear it then always clean the accessories post your swim session with a mild jewelry cleaner.

Avoid Edgy or Sharp Jewelry

Jewelry that is edgy or is longer in length with a heavy pendant can certainly hurt you during your dance workout. While dancing, one can get hurt by the long and heavy chain in the face or anywhere sensitive.

To sum it up, choose minimalist jewelry items that are light weighted and stays close to your body while exercising. Avoid wearing jewelry that is chunky or sharp-edged, dangly chains, heavy or big stoned rings. Do not wear heavy carat gold items to your workout to steer clear of losing it or getting its structure deformed. Always clean your jewelry items post-workout with a mild cleaner. Prefer wearing gym tech accessories.

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