A Guide to Choose Laminates for your Dining Table
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A Guide to Choose Laminates for your Dining Table

Laminates are quickly taking up the interior decor industry by storm. They are the top choice when it comes to tabletops or dining tables, among other furniture tops, as they lend a sophisticated finish to them.

Therefore, if you are choosing laminates for your dining table, keep in mind the size and décor theme to match it perfectly. With a variety of options to choose from with regards to colour, pattern and properties, laminates come in different ranges – antibacterial, anti-fingerprint, exterior and many more. Not all laminates are suitable for tabletops.

Here is a guide on choosing the right laminates for your dining table

Wooden finish laminates

Generally, solid wood dining tables are very costly. Wood-finish laminates will do the job of not only giving a natural wooden look to your dining table but also protect the core material and add to its strength. They are relatively easier to clean than solid wood at just a fraction of the cost.

A marble look laminates

Due to its frail nature, marbles are now being replaced with marble-finish laminates for the tabletops to bring the essence of natural marble. They combine the magic of solid surfaces with the ease of laminates. Thus, this marble effect laminate is a combination of durability and beauty at an affordable price.  

Antibacterial laminates

A dining table is an area where all the members of the house get together to eat food and connect with each other. As this area is in contact with both the people and the food they eat, it is necessary to keep it spick and span. Sometimes, we cannot clean it a hundred percent. That is where antibacterial laminates come to your aid. They kill 99.99% bacteria and make sure that no harm is caused to your loved ones due to microbial growth on surfaces.

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Solid core laminates

These laminates have a hand-made core and bears the property of being waterproof and tough. They give an appearance of a thick top but otherwise, these tops are quite sleek in size and appearance. Usually, edges of such tabletops are either straight, round or comes with an even more sleek appearance. 

These dining table tops are machine-made. Thus, you get a limited choice when it comes to finishing or colour. Mostly they come in black, brown or white colour.  These tops come with fixtures as they are quite tough and adrilling them on the table base can become difficult.

Edging on laminate table tops

Every laminate table top requires an effective edging solution. Otherwise, the core material will be visible. The core is cut away to give more of a sleek design and by adding a layer of plywood you can create an effect.

Less pricey and effective, the popular choice for edges of the tabletop is to add a sleek strip of the material that matches your tabletop design. All laminates matching strips are easily available in the market.

Summing up

Installing laminates on your dining table top can easily beautify its appearance. If you are looking for laminate sheets in India for your home decor, your search ends here. CenturyLaminates, with their unmatched services and products, meets high global product standards and offers you the best designs and texture for your dining table top laminates. So, what are you waiting for? Shop for the perfect finish to your dining table, today.