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A Quick Guide to Full Extract Cannabis Oil

The full extract cannabis oil or FECO are growing in popularity. It is primarily due to the medicinal properties. But they have other uses too! Despite their popularity, many are not sure what exactly they are.

The full extract cannabis oil is mostly extracted from the Marijuana flowers, but their leaves can also be used sometimes. To separate the cannabis resin from the plant matter, a solvent is used in the process.

Medical Product

Due to the potency, the cannabis oil is often used as primary cannabis medical product. It is prescribed for the patients with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, cancer and also Parkinson’s disease. Depending on the severity of the illness, they can use up to one gram of cannabis oil per day so buy FECO oil keeping the needs in mind.

FECO in the most potent cannabis product in the market available today. It is because of its high concentration of THC and CBD. One of the reasons is because of something called the entourage effect.

In cannabis, 113 compounds are unique to it like the THC which are also called the cannabinoids. Many of them have medicinal properties, but they can provide even more benefits.

When you are purchasing the full extract cannabis oil, there are numerous things you need to pay attention to. Most important things to pay attention are:

  • Is the product organic?
  • Has it been tested?
  • Are there any additives in it?
  • Is it made from the leaves or the flowers?
  • Which cannabinoids does it contain?
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Many make full extract cannabis at home, and it is possible to get a high-quality product from them. But when you buy it from a dispensary, you can ensure that the product has been tested in a laboratory and that has the content as given in the ads.

Things That Make FECO A Medicine

Cannabis users love FECO for numerous reasons. First, it may be the most reliable medical cannabis product in the market. There is something called the ‘entourage effect’ which is one of the reasons why the full extract cannabis oil is considered to be convincing.

While there are some 545 compounds but at-least 113 of them are related to the cannabinoids. But THC is a type of Cannabinoid that can cause psychoactive effects.

The cannabinoids work together to create medicinal effects. Terpenes are the compound that produces the exciting aromas and the cannabinoids contain many of them. Some say that there are more than 100 different Terpenes in the plant. Working together with cannabinoids, they create medicinal effects. Myrcene, for instance, may help THC to enter the brain faster and is considered to work as a sedative and relax the muscles.


Next time when you buy FECO oil for medical use, there are many things that you need to consider. The buy only if you are sure that you are getting the original oil.

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