A Sneak Peek of How to Download Videos on the Android platform

YouTube allows you to stream and watch most videos. But when it comes to downloading there are certain restrictions as it is a violation of their terms along with conditions. But still in order to download YouTube videos there are numerous third party apps as follows


This is another popular Android app to download videos. It possesses an easy interface that is easy to use where videos can be downloaded from multiple video sharing sites. With an in built browser site you can go on to access the sites that you want. In fact the video can be downloaded from the preferred site. This app also allows you to choose the quality and format of the video before you are planning to download it. Any downloaded video is saved on to your mobile phone in an automatic manner.

Even YouTube videos can be downloaded in MP3 format but you might need a MP3 format convertor for the same. In the overall context it is an excellent app for downloading YouTube videos but you have to deal with numerous ads. To download videos

  • You have to open the app and visit the video sharing site

  • From the search results choose the desired format. This is going to enable you to choose the quality of the video

  • Once the quality or resolution of the video is chosen you can opt to download


An emerging YouTube app for downloading videos as users is able to play YouTube videos in the background. With this android app you can play through the popular hits along with the trending videos as well. As a user you can change the video speed, keep a video timer when you play a video. This app allows you to download high quality HD videos as users are even going to come across MP3 links of YouTube videos. The only loophole of this app is that when you watch videos you might have to listen to the music. The only way by which you can avoid this is if you are able to download the video.

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YouTube might allow you to download most videos but it is not the only streaming service available on the internet. YouTube does have its limitations as not every video can be downloaded. In case of YouTube you would only be able to access the videos that are suitable for the particular platform. The only drawback is that once you download any video you might be able to watch it on that platform only.

These days you might be watching on social media platforms and would want to share them with others. Now to overcome all these hassles you can go on to choose Vidmate 2014, as this is one of the best apps in the market. Sometimes you might want to share a video but do not want to give out the direct link as then you can take help from this app. This app goes on to support all video formats.

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