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A Surefire Way to Land Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

Everyone seems to be talking about how AI is going to destroy jobs. However, at the same time, AI will create more jobs than it destroys.

In recent times, the advancement in AI has been so quick that it now seems hard to pass a day without a piece of news projecting AI’s breakthrough. Take for instance the current COVID-a9 pandemic, we are already seeing how AI is helping the humans in startling ways.

Thus, the spark about how AI can impact employment. Some instill fear as AI improves, it may create an ever-growing pool of unemployed humans who in no capacity will be able to compete with the machines. This concern is understandable yet the facts are unfounded. In fact, AI is going to be a technology the world has ever seen.

Understanding AI, the tech revolution

When we talk about AI, most people tend to think it is the robots we’re talking about. Just the mention of AI makes everyone nostalgic. The thought of it brings in memories of human-like machines performing the next of the most impossible tasks. But isn’t it amazing just to know that such type of technologies does exist? Artificial intelligence is all about having the technology that helps machines mimic human minds and execute the most complex tasks.

The model that AI works in – receive the command > interpretation of the command > execution of the task.

With technological advancement taking place now and then it is an ideal opportunity to hop on the AI career and become an AI expert. In the wake of the pandemic, we have realized that the industry needs more AI professionals to take up responsibility. Even post the pandemic, the world will still be seeking highly skilled professionals in the latest technologies.

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Topmost skills required to become an AI expert

Automation and AI are coming after our jobs. We’ve come across this phrase multiple times across the clan of technologists. Well, we shouldn’t be surprised if automation takes away half the jobs we’re doing right now. Thus, we should be prepared for what’s coming. According to Oxford University, nearly 47 percent of professional jobs in the US will be replaced by AI-enabled features and automated processes.

To avoid such a scenario happening in our lives, we need to prep up ourselves to future-proof our AI careers. A career in AI requires extensive knowledge in mathematics and computing. The kind of skills required to become an AI expert is as follows:

  • Computer science – programming skills in Python, Java, and C++, logic, and efficiency
  • Mathematics – statistics, probability, calculus, predictions, algebra, Bayesian algorithms, and logic
  • Science – cognitive learning, physics, language processing, and mechanics

Additional skills include distributed computing, good command over Unix tools, in-depth knowledge of advanced signal processing techniques, curiosity, and patience.

Getting into the AI world is not an easy task, one of the major reasons why salaries in the AI industry are lucrative and much higher than the other tech professionals. However, all it takes is the right career path for the person to pursue.

Most professionals are upgrading their technical skills through AI certifications. Professional certifications are proof that the candidate has the expertise and knowledge in the field. It also helps employers validate the candidate’s skills in the field. It gives the individual the recognition of competency and commitment they have toward the profession.

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A 2018 report by Accenture titled “Reworking the Revolution” clearly mentions how new applications in AI combined with humans could boost employment across the globe by 10 percent by the end of 2020.

So, what are we waiting for?

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