A Tie to Bond Anything and Everything : Cable Tie

Cable ties are a neat product of the hardware industry and are widely used in construction works and also come in handy in households. This is because these cable ties are safest to tie or fasten any items with it without causing any damage to them. The general use of a cable tie is to bind or tie up together a bunch of cables to prevent them from scattering and damaging. These cable ties come in all shapes and sizes in the market, and people can choose the ideal cable tie suiting their purpose.

Features of a cable tie

An ideal cable tie is made of nylon.

They have a buckle at one end and forms a ring around the cables when tied with it.

Cable ties can resist heat up to 150 degrees F.

There are also a variety of reusablecable ties.

Types of Cable Ties

Cable ties are generally used for a one time purpose, as they lose their elasticity after a single-use. But recently reusable cable ties have been ventured into the market that can be used multiple times. These reusable cable ties have a button the releases the buckle without causing any damage to the cable and are ready to be used again. As the cable ties can only resist heat up to 150 degrees F, it is not advised to use them outside where they are exposed to heat and UV rays.

Cable ties though are heat resistant; they can melt in extremely high temperature and cause damage to the things they hold. In order to resolve this issue, UV cable ties are available which are specifically designed to resist the heat and not depreciate its nature. These UV cable ties are simply superior cable ties that have higher heat resistance and can be used for outdoor purpose. 

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Usage of Cable Ties

The most common use of a cable tie is to tie up a bunch of cables together. These are also used to lock the doors by attaching the doorknobs with the walls to ensure child safety. Similarly, all fragile objects are packed and tied with a cable tie so s it won’t cause any damage to them. Cable ties are also used in malls and shops to tie the bags of the costumers. Similarly, UV cable ties are used to bundle the cables, pipes etc. outdoors where they are exposed to heat of the sun.