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A Wine Lover’s Guide to the Regions Around Melbourne

Visiting the coastal capital of Australia? Well, a wine lover cannot limit the journey to just that. It’s a must to take some time out from the city hustle-bustle and peek into the amazing & picturesque wine regions around. From misty valleys to pristine beaches and of course, the finest boutique wineries, it’s an experience that one just can’t miss upon. Here’s a list of wine regions that lie just a few hours away from Melbourne.

Yarra Valley

One of the oldest in Victoria, Yarra Valley is just a short drive away from the city. The amazing waterfalls, golden gardens, enchanting scenes and towering forests are sure to steal your heart. One may also walk down to those rustic tin sheds or architectural statements.
It’s not just about the views that are mesmerising, but the gourmet experiences it offers are un-matchable—from lauded restaurants to artisan provedores, there’s everything one can think of! Not to forget, the beautiful region is home to over 100 wineries and numerous cellar doors. This would include from well-established names in the industry like De Bortoli, Chadon, McWilliam’s and Hardys to some of finest boutique wineries of Victoria. Many critics find this place similar to the Burgundy region of France. Sipping a glass of your favorite wine in the backdrop of pleasant climate & enchanting views is a bliss.

A place of national & international significance when it comes to wine-making, it’s especially known for exceptional quality Pinot Noir. Another varietal the region popularly produces is Chardonnay. It’s a crime to leave the place without tasting the two.

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Macedon Ranges

A cosy country escape, it’s the coolest wine region in Victoria—the perfect place to unwind amidst the beauty of nature. Also, within an hour drive away from Melbourne, it welcomes you with streets surrounded by heritage buildings and huge trees. Its real charm lies in the sweeping vistas and small, historic towns that visitors often overlook.

The place is a hub for art & culture as well. You can step down into the streets to find some amazing art galleries & workshops. Don’t forget to visit the award-winning restaurants and wineries over here. The number of wineries might be small, owing to the difficult viticultural conditions, the ones that have sustained are known for some of the finest wines in Australia. Macedon Ranges wine region has specially earned a reputation for its amazing sparkling wines made using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties. It also produces premium Riesling varietals.

If you happen to visit the place around November, don’t miss the Budburst Wine and Food Festival. It’s a 2-day event, wherein over 30 wineries are open for tasting including those that are not otherwise. Given the pleasant weather around this time, it’s a must-visit.


The wine-ing & dining capital of Victoria, Geelong is popular amongst the visitors for more than one reason. With a vast coastline, it’s perfect for all beach lovers. Relaxing along the salty waters with toes in the sand or maybe going for surfing in the sea—reminds us of typical old-fashioned beach fun with family! And the list does not end there. If you love adventures, then you may try mountain biking at the You Yangs Park. While being caught up with these activities, you can also take some time out to try to enjoy the fine dining experience with a glass of Geelong wine.

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Experts often draw similarities between Geelong and the famous Burgundy wine region, especially for the Chardonnay produced here. Along with these Burgundy-like Chardys, it is known for complex and refined Pinot Noir and Shiraz wines.

Mornington Peninsula

A paradise for all adventure lovers, Mornington Peninsula is known for its amazing beaches and water-sports. From scuba diving to swimming with the dolphins or simply enjoying lazy fishing from a pier, it has something for everyone. If you’re looking for underwater adventure sports then do visit the Octopuses’ Garden Trail to explore the beautiful marine life. Another popular place for adventure sports is the garden of Hinterland one can ride, slide or zip through.

Do not forget to check out the food & wine festivals that go on round-the-year. With outdoor activities & food by local producers, these events are simply a delight for gourmands.

Mornington Peninsula is especially known for its wine industry, producing quality cool-climate wines. Pinot Noir reigns over the region, revealing complexity along with fresh red fruits and a natural acidity. Another varietal widely harvested here is Chardonnay used for intense white wines.

Whether you wish to peek into the beautiful marine life or enjoy a laid-back lifestyle amidst those breath-taking views with wine & good food… you can find everything and anything around Melbourne.

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