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In terms of video game media, Vergil is the most typical competitor. Although his presence in the original Devil May Cry may have been more in the background, Devil May Cry 3 has made him one of the greatest video game characters of all time, an obstacle to overcome and ultimately fail in combat. He wears the amazing Trench Coat.

Vergil Trench Coat

The devil may cry Vergil trench coat is made of artificial fleece and has a stunning blue color that gives it a secretive and modern look. The Devil may cry Vergil coat has a stand-up collar and a button closure. The inside of the Devil may cry Vergil coat is made of soft viscose fiber lining that is both warm and comfortable. The sleeves of the jacket are long and have cuffs with buckles. This coat has white details that make it stand out. This coat is in high demand among fans for its general appeal. The DMC Vergil coat is long. Good seams make the jacket durable.


Inspiration: Video Game Devil May Cry

Bearer: character Vergil

Product material: artificial leather

Color: Blue color

Collar: stand-up collar

Cuffs: Button cuffs

Sleeve length and fit

Inner layer: lining made of soft viscose

Positive: open and close the button

Length: long

Pockets: Two side pockets and two inside pockets

Inspiration and Character

The jacket is worn by the character of a well-known video game Devil May Cry Vergil.

Product Material

The product which is used in the Jacket is Artificial and Faux leather. Faux leather (also known as “leather” or “vegan”) is often considered a low-cost alternative to real leather. The demand for dermis is high and for good reason. Genuine leather feels seductive, has excellent durability and high-quality leather increases with age.

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The color of the jacket is Blue, It looks classy when you wear this jacket on casual events.

Adhesive lining

The adhesive liners have different colors and thicknesses depending on their application. Thicker liners are used for folding and sheet applications for flat-panel functions. Some pads are more robust to high-speed applicators. Raw material manufacturers point out that materials are the best cushion for most applications; sometimes custom can be used.

It is an inferior product compared to high-quality leather such as full grain and top grain. This Leather is not only durable but as a better leather product. It may give a good first impression. This leather is long-lasting. The jacket is simple, indicating that the product is made of genuine leather; it assures you that the product is not made of plastic or any man-made material.


  • The fit is very important, make sure the shoulders are not too wide and the sleeves are not too long. Also, make sure that the lapel matches your body shape and is not too big.
  • If you wear cute clothes and want to flaunt them, you need to attach the windbreaker belt at the back to wear a windbreaker.
  • With a pair of jeans and a sweater, you can tie it at the front and wear a windbreaker in a simple knot for a relaxing effect.
  • A good way to wear eye-catching trench coats is to make them the main focus of your clothing. Just put it on a little black dress, button the top and make sure you wear eye-catching shoes.
  • The trench coat not only has a beige base color but is also not afraid to try a new color like pastel, burgundy or navy.
  • If you are small, your trench coat must be short, the largest at the knee and no longer than this length.
  • If you’re plump, do not wear double-breasted trench coats as they increase the width of your upper body.
  • The perfect way to wear a trench coat is to shake the eyes of a street style star and put the trench coat on your shoulders like a cape.
  • The trench coat can also be worn at night, simply combine with a lace dress and high heels. However, make sure that the trench coat fabric looks delicate so you can complete the look perfectly.
  • If you go out on a rainy day, wear a trench coat with leather leggings and a pair of riding boots.
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