mbbs in armenia

Advisory for Indian Voters Attending to Study MBBS in Armenia

The education in technical, humanitarian, and medical sciences is offered in Armenia. The students attending to enter Yerevan State Medical University know that the Medical Council of India (MCI) only recognizes degree for MBBS in Armenia. The students had to approve the license, take a look at what was done by the Medical Council of Armenia (MCA) and obtain a certificate to act as an MBBS doctor in India. It is mandatory to induce that all the trademark sheets and certificates issued in India be attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) resolved.

For any questions related to obtaining the eligibility certificate, contact the Medical Council of India. There are few non-public medical universities in Armenia whose certificate is not recognized. Armenia could be a cold country. In winter, the temperature drops to (-) 15 degrees in the month of November. It is suggested that international students require ample winter shoes and clothing with them.

Before Leaving India

The Indian students are encouraged to induce all desired details, such as total costs, tuition fees, living cost, hostel fees, food, cell phone, and different expenses during doing MBBS in abroad. Also, confirm that you retain USD 300 to 400 per month for accommodation and different requirements, except for tuition fees. Academics are suggested to visualize the comfort in the hostel and also the facilities they offer. The students will rent non-public apartments and share with different students, therefore, accommodation would be cheaper. The students will organize the food themselves, as there are restaurants in the market around the university field. Here Indian restaurants are closely controlled by Indians and you can get food at affordable prices.

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