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Are You Facing Car Air Conditioning Problems, Don’t sweat!

We are living a lifestyle where some luxuries have become a fundamental necessity. One such example is air conditioning; we want it everywhere we go. In our homes, offices, malls, and especially in the vehicles we travel in. We become very uncomfortable without proper air conditioning. Well, looking at the hot and humid summers, nobody can be blamed. It’s our daily requirement; we can’t bear such extreme hot climatic conditions. Issues with car air conditioning is a complicated thing which should be detected early and should be serviced as soon as possible.

Don’t take Car Air Conditioning Problem lightly
If there is a problem in the air conditioning system of our home or office or any other building, it can be left for days without getting it checked. But if there is a problem with your car air conditioning, you should be alarmed as it needs to be checked right away. Car air conditioning is like caries in your teeth, which do not just affect the teeth, if left untreated for long, it will affect the other parts of your mouth as well. It will then spread to other parts of your body. Car’s air conditioning problem affects a lot of other parts of the vehicle, too, if not repaired early.

Causes of Air Conditioning Problems in Car
Vehicle air conditioning problems beside affecting the other parts of the car, even affect our mood. It makes us irritated and gloomy; we are not interested in anything else. So, why spoil our mood when we have all the answers here. Know the causes of all your car Air Conditioning Northampton problems.

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Common Problems:

  • Weak Airflow
  • Not Cool Enough
  • Its Cool now, Then it’s Hot, Confusing
  • What is that Smell
  • A/C System Leak

Weak Airflow

Mould or mildew may have accumulated in the evaporator.
A hose has come loose
Car seals may have open up

Not Cool Enough

Freon leak
A clogged expansion tubes
Failed compressor
Failed blower motor
Damaged or failed condenser or evaporator
Vacuum leaks
Failed switch, relay, fuse, control module, blend door or solenoid

It’s Cool Now, and Then it’s Hot, Confusing

Cogged expansion valves
Faulty compressor clutch
Blown fuse scenario
A/C leaks

What is That Smell?

Dirty and old air cabin filter
Mouldy evaporator case

A/C System Leaks

How to Inspect A/C System Leaks
Black light enabled dyes
Yes, you read it right, its that complicated, like solving a criminal case.

Aware of Warning Lights
Well, typically, there are none, but some vehicles have Driver Information Centres (DIC) that display the status of any vehicle systems.

Now you must be having a lot of information related to your vehicle air conditioning problems. It is not alien thought, and you also know the causes and the importance of it being checked as soon as possible. The problems are such that if you get it serviced early, you will be spending less, else late repairs are costly affairs. Jackson’s MOT Centre has always been delivering the best services. We believe in trust of our customers with their Car Repair Northampton including car air conditioning repair as well.

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