Akshay Kumar To Play Sonu Sood In Sanjay Gupta’s Next; Here’s Truth!

Sonu Sood has emerged as one of the biggest icons during the COVID-19  crisis. Apart from donating to various funds, the actor has come  forward personally to ensure that the labourers get back to their  villages and towns safely after watching them struggle for days. The  plight of these labourers especially from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who  had come to Mumbai, New Delhi, and other metro cities is indeed very  bad.

Watching all their struggle the actor decided to help them  get back to their places and arranged for buses and other means of  transport. A couple of days ago he even airlifted Odisha girls from  Kerala so that they could reach their hometowns. All these activities  have made Sonu Sood the superhero and now people have started comparing  his fame to none other than the Big B Amitabh Bachchan.

Temple Of Sonu Sood Or A Movie?

While the  labourers cannot stop appreciating their Sonubhai, there have been  paintings, sketches and so many memes dedicated to him every day on  social media. The latest is that people are even planning to build a  temple of Sonu Sood  which can be a huge thing considering his current status as an actor.  Many even believe that he is doing all this for his political gain but  that does not seem true.

However, one thing that caught the attention of the social media users  was a tweet that showed leading filmmaker Sanjay Gupta said that Akshay  Kumar will be playing Sonu Sood in his next movie and whether he can get  the rights to it. Many believed the news to be true as the Khiladi  Kumar is known to play characters that voice the troubles of common man  such as Padman or Toilet Ek Prem Katha.

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The tweet became viral immediately but later on was found to be a fake  and was deleted. So even though Akshay Kumar is not playing Sonu Sood in  his next movie project, the Chedi Singh of Dabangg has given enough  content for the movie producers to think of coming up with a project on  his life, maybe a biopic?