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All Information you need to know about Dentures

Teeth problems are very common among people nowadays. Many of us will have to go through these, because of our mistakes only. These cavities, holes and tooth pain like problems are the result of our carelessness towards our dental health. But don’t worry now, you can still save your teeth and can get rid of all these problems with the help of a good dentist and his advice. Here we are going to discuss denture. First of all, let us know about them.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are false teeth. These false teeth are attached to plastic and are then get fit on the patient’s gums. Furthermore, these are easily removable. You can remove them according to your comfort.

It helps you to save the rest of the healthy teeth.

How dentures are different from a dental implant?

You must know that dentures are different from dental implants. Dentures are removable; they are not permanent like dental implants. Besides, dentures need more care than implants. Clearly, they need extra attention and you need to replace them after a few years.

What are the benefits of Dentures?

Here are some benefits of Dentures:

  1. It fills the gap in our mouth or the missing teeth.
  2. They help us to give a better shape and structure to your mouth.
  3. Your self-esteem will get boosted when you will have a better facial shape and structure.
  4. It ensures the better health of the rest of the teeth.

What are the different types of Dentures?

There are basically three types of Dentures Edgware, these are:

  1. The first one is the complete set of teeth. In this set, all the teeth, upper and lower set is replaced by the new set of false teeth.
  2. The next one is partial dentures. In this only one tooth or some teeth are replaced by this set of false teeth. This partial base is then worn over the gums.
  3. The next one is implant-based dentures. These are the best type of dentures. It can be conventional or immediate. They need the least adjustment. These combine implants with the dentures. Besides that here the teeth are natural-looking.
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How often dentures need to be adjusted?

You need your dentures to be checked by your dentists every year. After every year the dentist will remake and refit these dental implants in your mouth. This process will usually happen in between 5 to 10 years.

Which is the best type of denture?

It totally depends on the condition of your teeth. If all of your teeth are damaged, you need to go for complete dentures. In case you have lost one or a few teeth go for the partial dentures.

Should you remove your dentures while sleeping?

You can sleep with your dentures while sleeping but you are advised to remove them while sleeping. In this way, your gums and jawbones get the relief from the extra pressure. You are advised to clean your dentures every day and put them into the water overnight. 

What is the alternative to the Dentures?

Dental implants are the alternative to dentures. But the cost of dental implants is quite higher than that of the dentures. Its also true that implants are better than dentures as they provide better support and more comforts to the patient. You can get the best advice on dental hygiene Edgware with us.

Sop these were some important things that you needed to know about the dentures. You will not feel odd after wearing these. They give you almost a natural look.