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Amazing Cakes for your kids Birthday

It’s your child’s birthday and you are thinking about which cake to get for them. Many kinds of cakes available now are in the market to delight your child. But the most important thing is to see that they are children friendly too. Sometimes several cakes contain alcohol and several ingredients that are not considered appropriate for the children. 

There are certain things to be kept in mind before selecting a particular cake for your children –

1) Home Baked or Bakery Ordered 

The very first question that comes to your mind is that will the cake of your children’s birthday be baked at home by you or your husband. If it will be baked at home then have you practiced making it before, because spoiling it isn’t a good idea, especially on your child’s birthday. 

So if you are that terrible kind of bakers or don’t have time for baking, the best thing is to order it from a bakery. All you have to do is pass down all the information to the bakery and instructions on how to do it and they’ll figure out the rest. Cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city is very easily available via online services. 

2) What would be the flavor of the cake? 

So now you have decided that you are going to buy your kids cake at a store on your going to make it at home yourself. The next point to be considered is what flavor does your kid wants the cake to be. because children are simple creatures they are preferred chocolate cake or vanilla cake, some of them might like lemon orange or blueberry cakes too.  So that thing you are very well aware of your child. But the most important thing is that their base of the cake will decide what kind of icing goes on top of it.  Of course, icing can be colored using various food colorings to suit a theme party. But it’s not so much about the icing as much as it is about the frosting and its taste. 

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3) How should the cake be decorated? 

After the taste of the birthday cake, comes the most important point – decoration. A decorated cake is a party stealer. And it is the decorations on this cake that decide how far do they match with the party and the taste of the cake. So if it’s a theme party then you better know what your kids want. Popular themes for girls and boys include – superheroes, ballet, princesses, sports, etc. 

1) Chocolate Cake 

Kids love chocolates enhance chocolate cake would be one of the best ideas for them on their birthday. Chocolate cakes for easy to make at home and to be ordered online as well. A Chocolate cake will be completed with a cake and bouquet delivery in Bangalore. 

2) Strawberry Cake

Strawberry cakes are becoming quite a popular day by day and most of the children love strawberries.  So if your kid is one of them,  who loves to eat strawberries probably this birthday you could bake for them a strawberry cake or get it ordered from a local bakery. And of course, on this birthday cake, you could get decorations like how your child wants. 

3) Pineapple Upside-down Cake 

Pineapple upside-down cake is becoming quite popular amongst children and if your children child somebody who loves to eat pineapples probably this birthday you could surprise him with a pineapple upside-down cake but just make sure the fact that is enough in quantity if you are celebrating it with all her class friends. Pineapple upside-down cake delivery in Bangalore is available even at the last minute. 

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4) Black Forest Cake 

Who doesn’t love black forest cake? we all love it and so do our children if your child is one of those who want to just enjoy the mixture of vanilla and chocolate than black forest cake would be one of the best cakes for their birthdays. 

5) Red Velvet

Red velvet cake has most often been associated with Valentine’s day because of its red icing and red food coloring used in most of the time this cake hardly carries any flavor of its own. but still, if your child is somebody who loves to eat red velvet cake then this could be their birthday cake of course, it can be decorated and a lot of things can be added to it according to your child’s imagination maybe he or she would want to be decorated using fondant or sparkling sugar. 

6) Cartoon Cakes

Cartoon cakes are becoming quite a popular day by day and the most famous of them is Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bheem, Iron Man, Superman, Elsa, Frozen Princess, etc are the most popular cartoons and getting a birthday cake of their shape is the easiest thing to do for a birthday. 

7) Fondant Cake 

Fondant cakes are becoming quite a popular day by day and they are also rich in flavor.  So when you have both things that you can decide what shape do you want of the fondant and you can eat the fondant as well then why wouldn’t your child like this fondant cake. So if fondant is their thing then this could become their next birthday cake

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8) Candy Cake 

Candy cakes are becoming quite popular day by day. And these cakes taste much better than our normal cakes, because of the sweetness of candies and jelly. 

9) Swedish Princess Cake 

Swedish Princess cakes are quite unknown in India, yet there are many International hotels that serve this cake. It’s made up of various layers such as the bottom layer most often has raspberry jam and some fresh fruits, pastry cream, and whipped cream or cream cheese and then another layer is added and on top of it, an edible fondant is placed. This cake tastes awesome and you could try it in a nearby bakery and to make it as your child’s birthday cake

10) Angel Fruit/ Food Cake 

An angel fruit is made up of simple ingredients of a cake accept it has the cream of tartar powder. Angel food cake can be very easily baked at home or bought online. It would be perfect to present this cake with fresh cream and some berries.

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