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Why AOL mail not currently available

AOL is a well-known email client with a vast database of global users. It consists of the distinctive feature and very speedy pickup. But many of times, you failed to use the AOL client at a normal pace. This can occur due to several reasons. So, here is the solution to fix the AOL email not working problem, dialing the AOL Support Number is the most straightforward solution.

How to Fix if AOL mail not Working or not Currently Available

If you are not able to use AOL in a smooth manner, you can simply follow the troubleshooting methods

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Check the My Sent Folder:If you are unable to send an email using your AOL email client check the Sent folder and look for the last activity or last sent email. If you can find any email which you have never send to your contact, there are high chances, your account has been hacked. To retrieve the hacked AOL account, the foremost thing you need to do is recovering your password by dialing AOL Customer Support Number. Also, it is advisable to add some effective security measures such as TFA and security key to avoid hacking attempts.

Restart your device:

If you are not able to send or receive an email with AOL client, shut down your device and restart it to resolve the faults which are preventing you to use AOL email platform. Restarting will remove the trash from internal memory and clear it to retain optimize the performance of your device and browser.

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Switch the browser:

There are chances that your browser is not allowing you to access AOL client on your device, or outdated browser is not supporting the webmail services. So, you can try to use another updated browser to use the AOL email in a seamless manner.

Change the Display name:

If you are combinations on the display name of AOL, you won’t be able to use the email client. So, it is important to keep a track of the email settings to maintain the smooth servicing. If your account has been recently hacked or compromised, you must restore the settings on a priority basis, because hackers usually amend settings and make your account less secure or stable. Also, optimize the security of your Email client to prevent the unauthorized access.

Deactivate the pop-up software:

It is important to disable the pop-up software as it can affect the functioning of AOL email on your device. For any further support and information, you can call the experts through AOL Customer Care Number. In most, of the browser, holding Shift key will open a temporary bypass for you to open websites which are normally accessible.

Delete cache, cookies and browser history:

In order to reset the Brower’s settings and retain the original functioning of your browser, you need to remove the cookies, cache, and history. Clearing the last searches and their traces will improvise the speed of your browser and fix the minor glitches which are preventing you access AOL email webpage.

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AOL Mail Page not Loading

AOL Mail is not designed for dial-up connections. AOL Mail users attempting to access AOL Mail through a dial-up connection either with the AOL client or a third-party dial-up connection may encounter difficulties connecting with and using the AOL Mail. 

Clear Cache and Cookies Then Reset all the Settings

Whenever you visit websites, temporary Internet files and cookies are stored on your computer to record your return visits. Sometimes, these temporary Internet files and cookies can cause the issue that you are currently experiencing. Once you clear your cookies, cache, history, and footprints, you may lose the following:

  • AOL Radio presets
  • websites you have visited
  • Your shopping cart
  • Your customized pages

Use an Alternate Browser and Try Access With Another Computer

Try to access your AOL Mail using a different browser like the Mozilla Firefox. Try to access your AOL Mail using a different computer, ideally at a different location.

The Problem could be associated with the Browser or computer you are using. To ensure the safety of your computer and AOL Mail, you should try using other browsers.

Disable Pop-Up Blocking Software

If you are using a firewall, allow the following friendly URLs: (*,,, and For additional support configuring the third-party firewall, please contact the firewall manufacturer.

  • In order to address this issue, please disable your pop-up blocking software.
  • Alternatively, you could add a Website such as to the “white list” of domains accepted by your pop-up blocker software.
  • If you are unsure how to disable your pop-up blocking software or add a domain to the “white list”, call the AOL Support team and get an expert to help you through the issue.
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Log Out, Then Log Back into AOL Mail

Try log out then login method to fix the AOL Mail Page not Loading error.

  • To log out and log back into AOL Mail:
  • Click the Sign Out link to log out of AOL Mail.
  • The Sign Out link will show the Username used to sign on and is subject to change accordingly.
  • Click the Mail link.
  • Type your AOL Username.
  • Log in using the Username you wish to read mail from.
  • In the Password: box, type your password and then click the Sign In button to sign on to AOL Mail.

In case, your “AOL Mail Page not Loading” is not fixed using the above methods then you can try calling at the toll-free number and get AOL Support.

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