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Are Nitrile Exam Gloves Latex Free? What Are Their Added Advantages?

Whenever it comes to purchasing medical exam gloves, two things strike the mind “Which type of gloves are perfect for medical purposes? Will this be devoid of allergens?”

Let’s solve your answer one by one before we move on to our main topic that goes around cheap nitrile exam gloves.

Exploring the gloves market, you will discover nitrile gloves are in high demand especially for medical purposes. Reasons? Because they are free of latex.

Latex is a biodegradable product produced from natural rubber that has both positive and negative aspects. Due to its comfortable and smooth nature, the product is utilized for constructing familiar latex gloves. Even doctors used to recommend these gloves for medical purposes.

However, things changed when patients were diagnosed with latex allergy. And today, they are been used only in industrial applications. For example, automobile, food and beverages, etc.

Maybe that’s the reason why before purchasing medical exam gloves it is always asked: “are the gloves latex-free?”.

Nitrile exam gloves are completely latex-free which gives an added advantage and a strong reason behind why they are highly preferred for medical purposes.

Some Exclusive Reasons Why Nitrile Gloves Are Used For Medical Exam Purpose

  1. Extreme comfort and dexterity: Flexibility was once the issues associated with these nitrile gloves. But today, they are highlighted for their comfort and dexterity. These gloves not just fit well but provide you with a sufficient baseline of comfort.

  2. No puncture, no chemical issues: Nitrile gloves may not fit the category of puncture-resistant gloves, but surely not a wrong investment approach. Here, the tiny holes made in the gloves appear larger in shape. You must be wondering how this turns up as an advantage. Right?

    Well, the large appearance of tiny holes makes it more visible to the eyes of the viewer. Thus protecting them from wearing such gloves and secure their hands.

    Moreover, nitrile gloves are also chemical resistant. No matter what chemical you handle, the gloves will never allow them to come in contact with your skin. That’s the biggest advantage we suppose.

  3. Devoid of allergens: Medical exam gloves are primarily used for conducting different medical examinations of patients as well as blood tests. These are even used for managing incontinence for the patients. Therefore it is essential that you choose the non-allergic gloves to perform your job.

    Nitrile gloves, unlike the latex gloves, are devoid of natural latex. Thus choosing them for a medical purpose will never be a wrong approach. The best thing is that despite having so many advantages you can look for cheap nitrile exam gloves in the market. That’s great, isn’t it?
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Both Latex and Nitrile gloves excel in comfort and dexterity. But when it comes to allergic issues latex gloves move a few steps back. Therefore, it is clearly proved that nitrile gloves are superior in terms of everything.

The synthetic polymer, may not be a biodegradable product but it exhibits every characteristic of natural rubber. High flexibility, good tensile strength, high durability, extreme protection – what else you need from a medical glove?

Look for a wholesale dealer that provides cheap nitrile exam gloves and make your purchase.

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