Ariat Men’s Western Boots Are Built to Last

In the search for men’s western boots, it’s all too easy to get caught up with what catches the eye, yet misses the mark on quality. What would be ideal is to find a supplier of men’s western boots that never compromises on quality or on design, and luckily with a little bit of searching, you can find everything you’ve ever wanted in a pair of Ariat mens western boots.

In the first place, boots must be able to support your active lifestyle. That means, firstly, quality construction from premium materials that will age gracefully over time and continue to support and protect you in the long run. Many Ariat boots are designed from and constructed from full-grain leather uppers. Full-grain is legendary for its ability to protect your feet against abrasion and discomfort while it cushions them at the same time. Unlike other inferior grades of leather, full-grain leather will break in beautifully and become more comfortable over time while still protecting your feet, ankles, and lower legs.

You can also find a lot of proprietary technology in Ariat mens western boots that make them ideally suited for a demanding lifestyle. In fact, Ariat boots were some of the first to incorporate athletic technology into their footwear, and their boots are true emblems of quality, durability, and support. There are many proprietary features you can find in many pairs of Ariat western boots that suit them perfectly for their intended use.

Many Ariat boots incorporate 4LRtm technology that makes the most of a 4 layer footbed that provides amazing support and superior rebounding ability to convert energy back into bounce to keep you going strong. Boots with 4LRtm technology also include a lightweight shank that, though it keeps the boots light, adds a lot of stability and support.

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You’re also likely to come across their Duratreadtm technology in their soles that can equip you to tackle just about any terrain that comes your way. Ariat’s Duratreadtm rubber compound is highly flexible while at the same time providing excellent traction across a wide range of different surfaces, from gravel to mud even to slippery surfaces and snow. Their technology is also resistant to a number of chemicals that are commonly present in agricultural settings, which equips the boots with remarkable durability and longevity.

In addition to these features and many others that you can find in many Ariat mens western boots, you can find them with additional protective features like composite toes to help safeguard you against falling and crushing hazards.

Ariat western boots of all types, whether for work or show, are hallmarks of excellence in aesthetics. An Ariat boot is a leather canvas on which you can find some of the most elaborate and pleasing stitching patterns and decorations in any western boots out there.

If you’re looking for western boots to add a touch of dazzle to your wardrobe while at the same time preparing you for work, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Ariats. If that’s your aim, then you should take a trip to Jackson’s English & Western Store in Wayland, Michigan, just south of Grand Rapids. While you can also visit their online store at, you should definitely take the time to visit their retail store if you can.

The reason being is larger than just the fact that you will have access to their impressive inventory. The best reason is that you can take advantage of their boot fitting, stretching, and break in services. Boot break-in can be an arduous process, but Jackson’s expert staff has years of experience in setting customers up with boots that are comfortable and ready to wear, so if you can carve out the time, give them a call at 269-792-2550 and plan a trip to their store in Wayland, Michigan.

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