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Some useful tips that may land you an Australian educational scholarship

Why choose Australia for studies?

The biggest confusion for students who want to move to someplace for quality higher education is where to go? Everyone wants an option that doesn’t compromise on the quality of education and with that also be pocket-friendly. Let’s have a look at some facts that prove how Australia can be the solution for every of your problem

  • Australia has a large number of international students enrolled in its educational institutions. This is because it offers many different courses that are globally recognized. Its educational institutions even specialize in some programs on the whole planet. A very good example of such a program can be its nursing and information technology courses etc. this is why students from all over the world find Australia as a favorable place to study
  • Its education standard is comparable to other developed countries like the USA and UK but the living and tuition cost in Australia is much more affordable if you compare them with these countries. So if one wants a place to get world-class education which is also light on the pocket then Australia can be the right option for you
  • Australian study visa allows its holder to work part-time. Under this visa, one can work up to 40hrs in a fortnight. This can help the students to earn their living and tuition expenses.
  • The Australian government has many different programs specially designed for international students and it also offers various types of grants and scholarships for them. This majorly attracts the students from all around the planet to come and study in Australia with ease.
  • With all this Australia also has a beautiful multi-cultured environment along with splendid beaches and climate which welcomes everyone to experience its amazing life-style.
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Australian student visa subclass 500

This visa allows its holder to come live and study a course in which he or she is enrolled in till the completion of that course.

 This visa entitles you to travel to and from Australia anytime you like. It also allows you to work a maximum of 40 hours in 15 days period. One can also include other family members in this visa if the circumstances allow it.

Tips for getting a scholarship in Australia

  • When you choose an educational institution in Australia you should look for their international student’s programs. You can also contact the institution international students department to know about the grants and scholarships they are offering
  • Apart from the specific educational institution, the Australian government itself provides the chance for many international students to avail of different scholarships. One needs to be updated about these offers. These are usually present on Australian home affairs website
  • One can also consult the Australian embassy in his or her own country to know about the scholarships and offers they are providing for the students of that specific country in Australia.
  • To increase the probability of getting a scholarship a candidate should apply for as many chances as he or she can.

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The Migration and study visa Australia

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