AWS Certification: What you need to know?

Increasingly, the job market is becoming more restricted, difficult and competitive. One of the best and most effective ways to beat the competition and achieve the dreamed ‘place in the sun’ or ‘dream job’ are certificates.

Not unlike that, in the area of ​​Information Technology, one of the most important, required, respectful, and prestigious certifications is Amazon Web Services (AWS) Certification .

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is known to be a safe cloud network that covers a variety of services, such as content distribution, database storage, and other web-specific features. All this helping great companions in their expansions and developments. Know more!

What is AWS certification?

AWS certifications accredit and back up the required IT domains and skills. AWS certified professionals are empowered by their expertise and expertise to deploy, operate and design infrastructure and applications on AWS.

There are in all three levels of AWS certification: Associate, Specialty and Professional.

  • Associate: To obtain AWS certification, the professional must first demonstrate their technical qualifications;
  • Specialty: At this level, the professional ratifies his technical skills in important areas. Testing for this step requires certification at the previous Associate level.
  • Professional: For the professional, you need to demonstrate your advanced technical expertise at AWS; All Professional level tests require prior certification at the relevant Associate level.

In the end, in addition to being qualified, another goal or bias of AWS certification is the opportunity for each trader to gain technical knowledge about AWS, not only in his own but in many different roles and specialties.

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AWS Certified Professionals Have More Market Value

As mentioned in this article earlier, the job market is relentless with professionals, and certification is one of the best ways to be competitive and show your due value. With AWS certification could not be otherwise.

AWS is an extremely recognized entity, and having a certification attested by them is undeniable proof of the competent and skilled professional you are. Therefore, objectifying and obtaining a certificate of this magnitude is a guarantee that your services will be even more valued and that you will be more sought after or well regarded within the job market.

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