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Ayurvedic Remedies for Digestive Disorders

Ayurveda has its roots of origin in ancient times. When there were no modern treatments available people treat themselves with ayurvedic products. These natural healers have been around us for thousands of years. In ancient times it leads to a healthy life and considered the best way to get rid of diseases. Even today it is the most trustable field to treat many disorders. Owing to its importance the modern industries are also using ayurvedic remedies to treat people. Due to an increase in the intake of fast food, most common disorders among people are digestive disorders.

Digestive disorders can be treated with natural or various home remedies. The herb contains essential ingredients that are utilized by the body to balance its chemicals. Instead of an increasing number of tablets or syrups intake, try ayurvedic digestive syrup. They are easily available in the market. You can also make them at your home. Some home remedies of digestive disorders are listed below;

  1. Ayurvedic herbs for constipation –
  • Take hatakari in the powder form or as sugar candy or isabagole.
  • One can also take senna leaves, but take it in a limited form as they have some side effects too. The roots of the Nisoth plant are also very effective and considered laxative in ayurvedic science.
  • The individual should avoid eating certain fast foods to get rid of constipation like –
  • Bakery products
  • Excess caffeine
  • Processed food items
  1. Acidity –
  • This is the most common of all digestive disorders. The ayurvedic herbs for this are –
  • An antacid most commonly used for this is the Yastimadhu. It is effective for hyperacidity too.
  • Amla intake helps to neutralize the stomach pH.
  • Clove – chew some clove. It will cure acidity and also treat toothache and morning sickness
  1. Stomach ulcers – herbs fall for treatment of these diseases are –
  • Take 1 glass of cabbage juice
  • Add garlic to your diet
  • Also take Aloe Vera juice
  • Honey – will help the ulcers to heal
  • Turmeric – the curcumin the vital ingredient present in turmeric help to get rid of ulcers.
  • The certain foods should be avoided while suffering from this disorder –
  • Dairy products
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Caffeine
  • Spicy junk food
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The list of digestive disorders not just ends here. For every problem, Ayurveda has a solution. There are many companies in the market which are leading manufacturers of ayurvedic syrup for digestion problems.

The ayurvedic sector is developing at a staggering rate because people trust in them and the herbal products have the least side effects compared to allopathic treatments. These products are also famous as they are a pocket-friendly option and easily accessible to all at a very genuine price. The Indian tribes living in remote areas are the house of ayurvedic treatment. They are the owner of traditional methods of using herbs for diseases. India is the leading producer of ayurvedic products. Indian people are the biggest consumer of ayurvedic products. If you are suffering from any disorder try Ayurveda today.