Taking the baby outside to get a new experience of world. Baby stroller- a complete buying guide for newbie moms.

Choosing the right stroller can make all the difference in the world, in terms of ease and accessibility in your daily life; from taking a walk in the park to taking a trip to the mall it can make things 10 times easier so here are some basic tips to buy the beststrollers for big kids that fits your need whether its having travelling strollers for toddlers or finding the best stroller for older children we’ve got you covered.

Finding a stroller that makes sense to you largely depends on your lifestyle and obviously budget. Some key questions to ask yourself before buying a stroller are; where are you going to use it? How often are you going to use it? How much stuff do you need to carry? If you have a active lifestyle and roam around or run errands a lot you might prefer stroller which have more storage but if you want a stroller for simple task such as taking your baby for a round in the park then less storage space will be okay too since you’ll be out shorter period of time.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Stroller

As mentioned above you need to consider some things before moving on to read so that once you answer these questions yourself you can buy the one which makes most sense to you.

Where will you use it?

Strollers have different types so if you go for a jog often you will need a different stroller and not a traditional one, similarly if you navigate a lot then you need to go for light sized stroller, if you often cross street with bumps and dirt then you might need extra safety features so it’s best to identify your need.

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Is it newborn friendly?

If you’re looking for a stroller for a newborn then you need to be careful and see if the model requires add on or is naturally for newborn since they cannot support their own head/neck and require good posture.

How long do you want to use it for?

If you want to use it for short term then things like adaptability might not be a hindrance but if you plan on using it for long term or for multiple kids then don’t be afraid to invest more.

Full sized stroller

So this is your standard stroller. A full sized stroller is bigger, sturdier and long lasting making them the standard option. These are typically strollers with high weight limit and best strollers for tall toddlers. Many models have a full range of features making them comfortable for the both the mother and the baby.

It covers all basic needs such as wide comfortable seat, roomy basket storage and expandable canopies. Additionally, many models now have convertible design that grows with the baby meaning you can use the stroller from when the baby is an infant till he’s a toddler.

Although if you run a lot of errands or take public transport or generally have a fast lifestyle where taking stairs and navigating streets is common then this may not be the stroller for you since they are heavy and bulky. It may also take up a lot of space if your home space is small. But if you have sufficient space and require stroller for basic tasks then this is a good investment.

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Lightweight Umbrella Stroller

Now this one may not have as many features as the full sized stroller but it sure is easier to use. For starters it’s very lightweight and easy to fold which makes it easier for travelling or stashing in the back of a car. Though they might not have many features they still have beneficial ones such as storage baskets, snack trays or expandable canopy.

One of the things to remember before buying this kind is that umbrella stroller is for big kids meaning most cannot support newborns so if you’re baby is older than 6 months then only go for this one.

Jogging Strollers

This one’s for all the mothers and fathers who are on the run, literally. Jogging strollers often have superior suspensions which lets you go on walks , jogs ,hikes while keeping your baby comfortable .For more flexibility jogging strollers come with front wheel that can swivel or be fixed in a place for higher speed. It has a generous storage and can be compatible with a car seat.

Jogging stroller for big kids and for newborns must have safety features such as wrist straps hand brakes etc. These elements are important to identify since not all three wheelers strollers are joggers and maybe of different category which is not suitable for jogging as they do not possess safety features.

Double Stroller

Double strollers are used if you’ve got twins or a big kid who’s just not ready to step away from the stroller life. In double strollers the child can sit side by side or behind each other depending on the format. If you have more than one child this stroller will help you as you will only have to carry one stroller.

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Double stroller can be considered best stroller for big kids although it should be kept in mind that these strollers are heavier than usual and may weigh up to 40 pounds but they can support heavier or older children well. These are one of those strollers that hold up 100lbs are more, pretty impressive!

Other Things to Consider

  • Travel system:

An easy to connect travel system pairs the stroller to the car seat. There are full sized or joggers or lightweight stroller travel systems so you can choose the system which is compatible with your stroller. This system helps to transfer your baby from the car to the stroller or vice versa without waking him/her up.

  • Car seat carrier:

While these are short term use since the baby may quickly grow out of these they are very convenient for a no fuss transaction into and out of the car. They have wheeled frames which are build to transform your infant car seat into a stroller in a glimpse.

Last tip

Buy a stroller which is easy to assemble so you don’t get stuck while putting the pieces together. Be sure to read the manual and test it before using it. Don’t be afraid to add extra safety features especially if you have a baby younger than 6 months.

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