Bajaj Housing Finance Unveils Home Loan at an Attractive Interest of 6.65%*

If you’ve been in the market for a home loan that is both affordable and sizeable, the moment for you has finally arrived. Just as we close the door to 2021, 2022 has opened with the promise of attractive offers and ample savings. Leading lenders continue the festive frenzy with their special offers and discounts in hopes of keeping the demand for home loans and property sales at their peak.

One such lender is Bajaj Housing Finance Limited, which also recently unveiled its festive offer of low-interest home loans, announcing a reduction in home loan interest rates, now down to 6.65%* for eligible applicants. Borrowers can also link their home loan interest rates to the RBI Repo Rate to gain directly from possible rate reductions under favorable market conditions. This not only makes the cost of borrowing easier on your pocket but also maintains the level of transparency and customer-centrism that the lender is committed to.

The process to apply for the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan is direct and fuss-free. The eligibility criteria are easy to meet, and following approval, the lender guarantees loan disbursal in just 48 hours*.

Top 3 Things to Note about the Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

The aforementioned home loan eligibility criteria are straightforward and easy to follow – leaving very little space for any doubts or confusion. Knowing that you satisfy all the eligibility criteria lets the lender give you the best home loan deals without worrying about bad debts or repayment troubles.

Let us walk you through the Bajaj Housing Finance Limited Home Loan Eligibility Criteria for better clarity.

  • Offer Open to Salaried & Professional Applicants
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The lender allows both salaried and professional applicants to apply for the low interest rate home loan, provided they have the required amount of work experience. Salaried applicants must be employed at a public, private or multinational organisation with a minimum 3-year tenure. Similarly, professional applicants are also required to have a 3-year of work experience in their respective fields, in order to be eligible to apply.

  • CIBIL Score of 800 and higher

Your CIBIL score is the summary of your credit patterns, income and financial obligations, repayment history and creditworthiness and allows lenders to gauge whether or not you’re worth the loan amount you are seeking – hence, having a good credit score is imperative for meeting the eligibility criteria.

To be able to apply for the lender’s festive offer, applicants must have a CIBIL score of 800 and above. However, applicants whose CIBIL score falls between the range of 750 and 799 are also eligible for a low interest home loan.

  • Offer Valid on Online Applications

The offer also dictates that all home loan applications must be made online through the lender’s website to be eligible. Bajaj Housing Finance Limited continues its work towards digitising the mortgages industry, and as a part of that campaign, has re-launched its end-to-end digital home loan borrowing journey, for the benefit and safety of its customers.

Applicants must also submit the application by 26 January 2022 to be eligible for this offer, and only loan disbursed by 25 February 2022 will be considered.

Use the Online Home Loan Calculator during your Home Loan Application

It is important to check your home loan eligibility criteria, so you can maximize the chances of home loan approval. And to assist you in doing this is the handy home loan calculator tool that is entirely online and free of charge. This digital tool allows you to adjust your desired loan amount, loan tenor, and interest rate to get the corresponding EMI and interest payable. Doing this before you approach a lender gives you an insight into the feasibility of your home loan ask and minimises the risk of rejection.

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Why leave it to chance when you can get near-real and accurate data based on your details? This approach also gives you a heads-up as to how you need to plan your finances before you formally seek a home loan.

Final Thoughts

Successful applicants can access a range of benefits with Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan, including a sizeable loan amount of Rs. 5 Crore and higher basis eligibility, customized repayment facilities, fast processing, quick approval, and external benchmark linked loans (repo rate).

The home loan journey is designed for ultimate convenience; a user can complete the process while taking calls or responding to emails. With a plethora of benefits, a user can now make their dream home a reality.

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit the lender’s official website for the complete list of terms and conditions.

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