A few decades ago, the work environment was blighted by many problems. Issues like worker’s rights and inequality were rampant. The fallacy of the antecedent bourgeois was that they treated the workers as a liability. This is the primary reason as to why growth and development in all fields was staggered. However, after the industrial revolution and the intensification of human rights activism, the scenario was refashioned. Now, human resources are considered as the principal asset of any company. Secondly, the success of any business is most likely to be achieved if the personnel policies of the enterprise are synchronous with the expectation of the workers.

An ideal office culture is one that escalates the productivity of its personnel. An easy way to achieve this feat is – coworking spaces. It is a trend that has become increasingly popular, not only among start-ups or freelancers but also conglomerates. Because it is capable of surfacing the innermost calibres and potentials of an individual, it can take one’s productivity sky-high. The contentment of employees is a scale of measuring the success of the business firm as a whole. Let us draw a thumbnail sketch of how the coworking spaces supercharge productivity of personnel:


Giving employees the liberty to work anytime, from anywhere and in any manner without missing the deadlines reduces their psychological stress. It also reduces the number of offs, vacation days or even paid leaves because the timing is adjustable. However, in traditional offices this bonanza is lost. The stringent attendance rules rebuff the employees and surge truancy.

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Office culture

In a shared office space, everyone is friends with everyone. Nobody dominates or subordinates. The open-office culture promotes a harmonious, friendly and symbiotic atmosphere. This allows employees to thrive. The hangout area in coworking spaces in Mumbai and other such locations is an avenue to make people closely-knit. The candid conversations over sipping a cup of chai or evening snacks breaks the monotony and thaws ice among the professionals.

Group activities

Building group cohesion provides opportunities for employees to unite over extracurricular pursuits. They may inspire one another, collaborate and discuss consolidated practices. It may create an aura of healthy competition, without exerting much stress on workers. When people have a sense of belonging and togetherness, they enjoy visiting the workplace. This turns the workload into enthusiasm. Group or community activities are regularly conducted in most of the coworking spaces promoting a vibrant culture.

Networking and Connections

Human beings are social creatures. We flourish on interactions with others. We need some kind of external stimulus to satisfy our desires, personally as well as professionally. Coworking spaces is a good forum, where one can establish contacts and sometimes lifelong relationships through various networking events and community activities conducted by them. In a traditional office, cubicles and cabins glue you to your seat and daunt you by this solitary confinement.


When the hierarchy micromanages even the nanoscopic tasks of employees, it creates frustration among them. Their individual thinking is throttled and creativity suffocated. It circumvents one’s thinking into a convoluted labyrinth of confusion. In contrast, plug and play gives the employees a sense of autonomy.

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In a shared workspace, the diplomacy of traditional office and the usual drama that comes with it eliminates. The direct politics at the workplace makes it unpleasant and undesirable. Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can make one’s own work identity stronger. Since there is no concept of rat race in coworking, the crab mentality takes a back seat. The greater good is dominant over self-obsession.

Collaboration and thought flow

When a group of people with diverse talents and skill sets are put together, they tend to learn from each other. They help each other out. They brainstorm together to solve problems and also motivate each other. Another benefit of this collaboration is the streamlining of one’s thought flow. The edge of working with people from different walks of life, gives you a lifelong experience and expertise that becomes handy in professional and personal realms.

Taking everything into account, it is not wrong to conclude that coworking space is the finest strategy to supercharge the productivity of your cadre. The basic rationale for this is that it is capable of boosting the efficiency of the employees without spending more. Your HRM budget would not surpass pre-established limits. Infect, it may prove to be cost-effective. While many people find coworking spaces like iKeva beneficial for an assortment of reasons, the key virtue is that the productivity of the employees shoots up.

Not just a coworking space but making some of the above-mentioned changes in your team and at your workplace would help you in shooting up the teams’ productivity.

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