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Bathtub Refinishing

A number of people panic because of dirty bathroom. The porcelain and fiber glass parts of bathrooms accumulate dirty particles due to the regular usage of bathroom. This situation is an indication of bathtub refinishing. For a brand new classic look of sooted bathroom, there is an extreme desire to refinish bathtub. It leaves pleasant feelings when you look a clean and tidy bathroom free of any dust.

Bathtub refinishing is accountable for resurfacing a worn, damage and filthy surface of bathtubs. There are some cracks caused by the continuous use of bathtub. At the areas of those cracks a number of begrime and smut particles reside and give an untidy look to the bathtub. At the point of rupture a special type of polyester putty or any mechanical adhesion material is physically applied. This step prepares the surface of bathtub for further top coat application for a better refinishing. It generally acts as a primer for coating process. The process of coating gives your dirty bathtub an original glass enamel appearance. It enhances durability and tolerance of coating.

Bathtub pro is an experienced and trustworthy company for refurbishment of bathtub and other bathroom accessories. For a brand new look of your bathroom you must contact us. Bathtub pro has aimed to deliver its services according to the requirements of its customers. Bathtub pro delivers bathroom renovation services in Toronto. In Toronto, our company also provides renovation services such as bathtub renovation, tiles revamping, cabinet’s refurbishment, tiles steam cleaning facilities, countertop makeover, sink renovation and reglazing etc. The most amazing feature of our services is that there is a warranty of one and a half year on all the refinishing services. Bathtub pro has experienced team members that deliver highest quality of services for our customers. Thebathroom renovation services in Torontoare available under highly affordable rates.


We have efficient technologies and trained personals who know your needs more than you. Customer’s satisfaction is our topmost priority. Every customer has its own demands and not all areas require same cleaning methodology. In order to provide superior services, our staff members communicate customers personally and suggest the best method for bathtub cleaning. The bathtub refinishing Toronto always tries to assist our loyal customers from every aspect. We never overload our customers with high cost. Please do not hesitate and contact us 24/7. Bathtub refinishing Torontoguarantees you to address yourselves as soon as possible. Bathtub pro provides authentic professional services to its customers. Think before going for refurbishment, it always causes a burden on your pocket. Bathtub pro provides refinishing facilities to its customers in all parts of Toronto. We are highly specialized in bathtub refinishing of all shapes and sizes as well. The process of installation is performed under professional supervision. All the breakage points and stains are perfectly treated with recent methodologies. Our full bathroom renovation services include the refinishing of wall, floor tiles and shower doors. A special feature of our services is that our staff members keep in mind to stay our customer’s home safe, protected and fume free.

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