Talent management is a business-critical area that has emerged as a strategic function from the evolution of human resources over the last decade. As a strategic business function, enterprises and large local businesses are equally striving hard to train their HR professionals in talent management, to reap the benefits in the form of greater talent retention, reduced cost of hiring, and much more.

The soaring demand for talent management professionals in the industry has motivated universities and colleges to train their students in talent management, to pave way for a prospering career in human resources. Corporates, b schools, and local institutions are aspiring to get their HR experts, students, and HR professionals to take global certifications in talent management.

As a TMI (Talent Management Institute) education partner, you have the opportunity to take talent management to the nooks and crannies of the industry and be a part of the new wave of transformation in human resources. Not to mention, the satisfaction of delivering a world-class education for global certifications that have the potential to change the course of career for their holders is unmatchable!

Let’s learn why talent management is the need of the industry, how Talent Management Institutes’ global certifications are highly valued credentials for talent management aspirants, and finally, we will delve into the formalities of how you can be a TMI Authorized Education Provider (AEP).

The incessant demand for talent management professionals

Demand for talent management professionals has been growing incessantly as organizations are increasingly realizing the need for talent management. These professionals help organizations put best talent management practices to build strategic plans that not only achieve talent goals — superior talent experience, talent development, improved talent retention, but helps organizations grow. To achieve this, a talent management professional requires an exceptional understanding of talent acquisition, development, and retention practices.

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The key competencies of a talent management professional includes:

1. Strategy & leadership in talent management — Strategic talent management and sustainable talent development

2. Talent management practices — Talent pipeline building, executive onboarding, identifying and assessing high-potential talent, developing leadership talent, and managing leadership talent pools.

3. International talent management experiences — Exposure to boardroom view of talent management, understanding of CHRO perspectives on talent management as well as perspectives on critical research issues and the future of talent management practice.

4. Talent leadership capabilities – Decision making, thinking and analytics, growth, global management skills, change readiness, personal leadership philosophy, boardroom capabilities, and thought leadership.

Talent Management Certifications

Talent Management Institute (TMI)’s certifications are global –recognized highly valuable credentials for HR aspirants and professionals, and demonstrate the holder’s exceptional capability in performing talent management practices and leading talent teams in an organization, respectively.

The three credentials – TMP (Talent Management Practitioner), STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner), and GTML (Global Talent Management Leader) are a proof of the holder’s comprehensive understanding of the role and responsibilities as a talent management professional at their respective level.

1. Talent Management Practitioner (TMPTM) – Talent management certification for ambitious fresh HR graduates who want to catch hold of the best practices and break into talent management conveniently.

2. Senior Talent Management Practitioner (STMPTM) – Certification for mid-level talent management and HR professionals who want to accelerate the pace of their career in talent management and acquire a more challenging role.

3. Global Talent Management Practitioner (GTMLTM) – Certification for senior HR and talent management leaders who want to take global leadership roles in talent management.

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Becoming a TMITM Authorized Education Provider (AEP)

Talent Management Institute is a world-renowned certification. Training institutes of all sizes – large, medium, and small can become TMI Authorized Education Provider assignment help uk. Niche training institutes or start-ups can also become TMI AEP if they have a robust business plan and can promise strong market capture.

TMI AEP get access to the TMI international curriculum, content in talent management and exclusive certification exam study kits.

TMI AEP if they have a solid business plan and can project strong market traction. TMI education providers have access to the TMI international curriculum, content in Talent Management and exclusive certification exam study kits. Joining the worldwide TMI Training Network can help HR and Talent Management training companies expand in a growing HR & Talent Management global training industry. As a TMI AEP, you have the freedom to design and price your own exam preparation and training programs for TMI certifications.

Want to be a TMI AEP? If yes, head to TMI website and express your interest.