Benefits Of Blockchain Training Program At EMURGO Academy

A lot of news and headlines are focussing mainly on Blockchain in the tech world. And you are left wondering about this quickly evolving technology that is finding applications in so many businesses.

A little research will easily tell you that blockchain technology is a distributed ledger system, that removes authority from a centralized body and gives it to a network on nodes or stakeholders. All of them with the same parity to agree on transactions and exchanges between stakeholders to execute it. This is called consensus in Blockchain. This leads to traceability of data and a high level of encryption of data makes it secure and tamper-proof.

This is just the gist of the tech.

Understanding the need for upskilling potential talent to the blockchain, many Blockchain Training Programs are being offered by various e-learning platforms.

These blockchain training online programs taken at the face value are highly convenient as they are online, you can take it whenever you can. 

But on the flipside, immense self-discipline will be needed to proactively learn after a busy day at work.

And weekends if not committed, will be spent in social gatherings and outings that you’ll invariably be dragged to.

So the most obvious question on your mind would be this – Is there  a Blockchain Training Program that gives me the best blockchain training and other additional features as well?

YES! There is!

EMURGO Academy India offers a weekend-only comprehensive blockchain training program specially designed for working professionals called WorkPro

A blended model of learning ensures you get enhanced interaction with the faculty in a pro-learning based classroom environment.

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The offline classroom learning encourages peer-to-peer interaction enabling you to connect better with like-minded people and be benefitted by the exposure provided by an industry-based approach to learning blockchain.

Blockchain curriculum designed by Global Industry Experts tailor-made to suit the industry requirements.

The only Blockchain Academy that offers training in the 3rd Generation of Blockchain so you can become a full-stack blockchain developer.

The certification allows you to connect with global employers.

The ‘Only’ Blockchain Academy where practitioners are the trainers.

During the Blockchain training program, you get to have a special session with CXOs and thought leaders. You benefit from their deep insights and perspectives by being in the blockchain industry.

A New York City-based ‘dLab/EMURGO’ Blockchain accelerator opportunity to help with funding for learners with entrepreneurial minds. Four Startups Accepted Into First Inaugural Batch.

Presence in 4 cities in India – Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Chennai. Globally in Japan, New York, Singapore, Indonesia and India.

EMURGO India is a Global Blockchain Learning Solutions entity of EMURGO Global established in Jan 2019 to focus on incubation, training and evangelising Blockchain to foster deep fundamental understanding of blockchain technology, and thus establish an education program to drive practical usage of blockchain technology around the globe.

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