Best 10 Halloween Hairstyles

Preparing for the perfect Halloween get-up is not an easy task. You need to choose an apt costume, accessories and hairdo to complement the look. The entire process can be quite exciting but involves a lot of hard work too. If you do not devote time to your costume, makeup and hairstyle for Halloween, you will be forced to come up with something at the last minute and this is usually not up to the mark.

To get the best hair wigs and hair extensions for the perfect hairdo for Halloween, you can get the latest Wigsbuy coupon. With these coupons, you can create any Halloween look, whether the hairstyle involves curly, wavy or straight hair. You can choose from the store’s wide collection of celebrity wigs, African-American wigs, hair accessories and extensions and hair tools for men, women and even children. Here are some popular Halloween hairstyles that you may experiment with this year:

  1. Big and Voluminous curls: You can easily sport this hairdo with a glamorous outfit, to get the perfect “Beyonce look”. You may also replicate the 80s pop star look like that of Whitney Houston.
  2. Crown Braids: This is a Heidi-styled hairdo that is rather appealing for Halloween; you can even invest in a tiara if you do not have one. You may tuck this tiara into your braid and buy a tulle skirt to get the perfect fairy princess look. Alternately, you could get your partner to dress up like Hansel and then make yourself look like Gretel.
  3. 60s-Inspired Hairstyle: You can create this bouffant look with thick navy-colored eyeliner and a shift dress to complete the 60s retro look. You may also choose a black dress and place a tiara on your hair, using elbow-length gloves to copy Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany look.
  4. Cyberpunk: You can choose a dystopian costume and play with the hair. The best additions are neon bangs and blunt cuts that offer a nondescript look similar to that of the Blade Runner or The Matrix.
  5. Wig Out: The simplest hairstyle is a neon wig and this has been a rage ever since Julia Roberts sported one in Pretty Woman. For the ultimate cool look, a choppy wig is the best solution. You can buy a silky wig; get a pair of scissors and make the look quirky.
  6. Rockabilly Baby: This look resembles Jailhouse Rock but is high in glamour quotient. You can have faux pompadour Mohawks which is very common on haute couture runways. The best part about this hairstyle for Halloween is that the hair is completely off your face and you can rock the Elvis look with élan.
  7. Amazon braid: Diana’s long waves offer a typically classic look and this is what is known as an infinity braid. For the perfect Amazonian braid look, you can buy clip-in extensions. However, a short braid can look just as good. You can cut off any strap from a nude tank top to complete the Greek Goddess look.
  8. Disco Volume: Everyone loves bouncy natural tresses any time and the disco look is sure to turn heads at any Halloween party. To get the perfect big curls, you can get a teasing comb and a curling iron, hairspray, and the Disco look is done in a matter of minutes.
  9. Tinkerbell Topknot: You may not be a blonde to get the Tinker bell look; you can simply pull the hair into a neat topknot leaving a section of hair ends on the forehead. You may use a green ribbon to complete the Tinker bell look.
  10. Flapper Waves: You can choose a black dress and this hairstyle is a last-minute fix that works perfectly with the attire. You can create a finger-waved faux bob that is accompanied by a bobby-pinned necklace and sparkling headband to finish the look. It looks as if the entire get-up has been planned for weeks, whereas it is a look thrown in at the last minute!
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