Outdoor activities that promote movement and muscle activity are preferred for a healthy life and soul but this seems quite impossible for the elderly who seem to face the physical constraints. Due to the lack of balance and strength, they face mobility issues and need the aid of three-wheeled bikes for making movement while out.

3 wheel bikes for seniors, also known as the trikes or adult tricycles are more stable on the ground than the two-wheel vehicles. They are human-powered, gravity-powered and not motorized vehicles that help particularly the senior citizens to perform their daily life outdoor rituals or loiter around for enjoyment.


3 Wheel Nikes for Seniors

§  Recumbent 3-wheel bikes

These provide complete support to the body and have two wheels at the front and one at back. They are easy to control and lightweight.

§  Semi-Recumbent 3-wheel bikes

These are based on the pedal forward concept and designed to lower your gravity to stabilize the adults.

§  Upright 3-wheel bikes

These are lightweight and easy to steer with two widely spaced wheels at the back.

§  Electric trikes

They are driven as per your choice, whether you want to steer through the motorized engine or pedal yourself.

Folding Trikes

These are foldable and help you to fit in the bike even in a small space, maybe a trunk.

In this article, we will discuss some bikes that are available as the Best 3 Wheel Bikes for the Seniors.

Schwinn 24″ Wheel Meridian Adult Tricycle

  • This is among the best 3 wheel bikes for seniors from Schwinn with alloy 24” diameter wheels.
  • Short people can easily mount on the seat due to the low step-through frame.
  • The height of hand breaks can be adjusted as per demand.
  • The lightweight aluminum frame helps to cycle easily but the bike is not flimsy at all.
  • The spring seat is adjusted easily with the quick-release mechanism.
  • This tricycle rolls down the irregular roads easily and provides outstanding balance to the user.
  • It comes with a rear basket to help keep your gear and goods during the ride.
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  • The brakes are hand-operated and difficult to operate for frail adults.
  • Tall people find difficulty to mount as their knees may hit the handlebars.

Komodo Cycling 6 Speed Adult Tricycle

  • The Komodo cycling tricycle is the real deal in the world of tricycles provided with 6 speeds and powerfully drives over the steep climbs.
  • The low, step-through design helps to easily mount and dismount the tricycle effortlessly.
  • The saddle is made up of comfortable material and has a backrest to facilitate good posture and balance.
  • The speed is changeable with the SHIMANO steering system and the bike has Shimano shifter and derailleur.
  • The wheels of the tricycle are durable, sturdy with a steel crank, spoke and chain.
  • The heavy-duty frame provides stability and balance to the rider.
  • This bike is available in five exciting colors and comes with reflectors on one rear wheel and the front wheel, which add to your visibility. This prevents accidents instead of only using your hands to alert other road users.
  • The basket on the rear wheels comes handy for you to carry groceries and other stuff.


  • Assembling is not easy.
  • The bike is heavy and can’t be lifted on and off for shifting.
  • It has a weight limit of 240 pounds.

Mobo Cruiser Triton Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

  • It is a recumbent bike for the elderly made for the short riders of height 3’8”- 5’2”.The recumbent style reduces the arm and shoulder stress.
  • It sits low, near to the ground and increases the balance.
  • The bike is made up of steel with reliability and strength and a sporty look to impress the lookers.
  • The rear wheels are used to cycle and are working on an innovative steering system.
  • The front-wheel remains free and only provides balance.
  • The seat is adjustable according to the height.
  • The bike comes with a safety flag to increase visibility.
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  • The height of the person might be a restriction.

There are a lot many bikes for the elderly and senior citizens but we have discussed only a few of the options available on Amazon. We hope this will benefit you to make the right choice as per your demand and accessibility.

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