Best Advertising Agency and its impact on our culture

Media is one of the most significant forces in our modern society. It shapes our culture and expectations. However, this powerful pillar of culture is driven by advertisements.

There are two primary types of advertising: brand advertising agency and direct response advertising. Brand ads are the ones we see on TV, radio, billboards, newspapers etc. They do not require consumers to perform a specific action and therefore are harder to track. On the other hand, direct ads are performance-based and measurable. They allow advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns and hence better ROI.

Brand marketers don’t pay attention to the yield, their focus is culture. While, direct marketers focus on doing the math about the yield of investments, clicks, discount coupons and many more.

Challenge of new media

Media companies are confused if they are selling brand ads or direct ads. Furthermore, people who want to buy these ads can’t decide either.

When a website, magazine, podcast or any media inaugurates, brand marketers are always the first to show up. They spend on the new media not because they are concerned about the performance but the medium. They want to experiment with all kinds of mediums that can attract potential consumers.

Next are the direct marketers with plenty of money to invest in ads that pay for themselves. Classified ads, Catalogs, and The Yellow pages etc. are all form of direct advertising. Direct marketers don’t care about the medium. They focus on performance and therefore may want you to sacrifice your long-term standing with your audience to get more clicks. They need to get their coupons redeemed and therefore focus on short term results.

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But if you are Media advertising Company, you need to remember that these direct marketers are not your benefactors and they don’t care about your status or long term prospects. They’ll switch to better yield the moment they find your platform to be less promising.

What do you need to do?

If you are a media company who wants to retain their audience and wants to attract brand marketers, refuse to maximize the clicks. Direct advertisers will seduce you to develop the equivalent of classified ads but this short term yield can result in the demise of your website.

And if you are considering buying ads, bear in mind the purpose for your ad. If your goal is to build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers, choose brand advertising to ensure a lasting impact of your product. However, if you need more audience to reach your page, direct marketing might just be good for you.

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