Best Indian Goat Breeds For Meat
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Best Indian Goat Breeds For Meat

No matter chicken is the most consuming meat in India, there is no alternative of tender and juicy mutton. For any celebration and festival; Indians prefer to buy only goat meat. Generally, in most of the places, we go to the shop and buy the available meat. We don’t have the choice to select the best breed of goat for meat. Thanks to modern technology, you can now Buy Goat Online. The healthy goat with a health certificate will not only deliver at your doorstep, but you can also select the preferred breed for the purpose.

However, to make the right purchase decision, you have to know the available Indian breeds that are known for the meat. Those goats are raised purposely to sell for their meat. The farmers ensure the health of those goats in order to assure high meat production. Looking for Online Goat Sale…..Check out Indian breeds popular for finger-licking meat and get a glimpse of the Indian breeds that are known for delicious meat-

Boar Goat: This goat is originated in South Africa. It is the most popular breed for meat not only in India but also all over the world. It is one of the heavier breeds of the goat as it has selective breeding and for that, it has excellent growth. Moreover, the death rate of this goat is very low as it is heat and disease resistant. It is also a fast-growing category of a goat.

Jamunapari Goat: For commercial meat farming, Jamunapari Goat is the most popular breed in India. It is commonly found in Uttar Pradesh, precisely in the bank of Jamuna river. Apart from meat production, it is also brought up for milk. This large, tall and leggy goat is known for the long pendulous ears. Generally, Jamunapari is available from 45 kg to 80 kg in weight.

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Barbari Goat: This breed of goat is also known for meat as well as for the milk. This is quite a small breed among the goats. It can be found in almost every state of India especially in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh. You can buy the Barbari Goat Online from 25 kg to 45 kg.

Malabari Goat: This goat is generally found in Kerala. Apart from the meat, the skin of the Malabari goat is quite popular. The milk of the goat is also a good reason to farm the breed.

Beetal Goat: This is a famous breed from Punjab. This goat is also quite big but lesser than Jamnapari. During the lactation period, it is used for milking as well. The weight of the Beetal goat is ranged between 40 kg to 70 kg.

Sirohi Goat: This category of the goat is widely found in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Sirohi goat is highly resistant to heat. For meat purposes, you can buy a goat from 23 kg to 50 kg.

Osmanabadi Goat: This goat is generally found in Latur, Osmanabad of Maharashtra and adjacent Andhra Pradesh. The meat quality of Osmanabadi is very high and tasty.