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Best Mobile Apps for Doctors

Best Mobile Apps for Doctors to Get Connected With Their Patients

Doctors and patients need to communicate with one another at any time, regardless of where they are. The best mobile app for doctors helps them monitor their patients. Here are some of the best apps for doctors in India available today:

Bajaj Finserv Health App

Healthcare with Bajaj Finserv Health: Get Best Healthcare Services, Healthcare Tips & Plans In 2020

This is a well-designed app that can help patients in many ways. They can book appointments, send reports to the doctor and specialists and take notes after every visit. Doctors can get in touch with the patients through video or audio calls and chat. This platform has more than 80,000 registered doctors on board. Patients can book tests and take health risk assessment tests. It has amazing unique features that help doctors, making it the best online consultation app for doctors.

Practo Pro

Practo Pro - For Doctors - Apps on Google Play

Another popularconsultation app for doctors in India is Practo. Patients can search for doctors nearby or by specialty and compare their ratings before selecting one that suits their needs. The app also lets users register with the platform; upload personal information like allergies, medication history, insurance details, etc.; consult doctors online, and book future appointments. It also has Practo Ray, which is a practice management software that takes care of manual tasks.

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Lybrate For Doctors

Lybrate for Doctors

This is a completely freeonline consultation app for doctorsPatients can useLybrate For Doctors to find the nearest doctor or clinic near them so they may receive treatment immediately. They can also read about various conditions, medications, and treatments.

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DocsApp merges with MediBuddy to create India's largest digital healthcare platform

This medical app for doctors is designed to help them virtually communicate with their patients. It allows doctors to keep track of the patient’s history, take notes during appointments and prescriptions. They can also monitor their patients’ health conditions by checking on lab results. With DocsApp, the doctor can communicate in real-time through video or voice chats. It is particularly useful for those living in remote areas as they can consult with their physicians without leaving home.


MFine Success Story - Founders, Business Model, Revenue Model, Future Plans

mFine is a doctor-friendly health care app that offers physicians an easy way to track patients’ activities, symptoms, vitals, and medications. The app also has an inbuilt payment processing system making it easier for patients to make their appointments and pay for them without having to switch between different apps.


Curofy App For Doctors - यह एप डॉक्टर्स के बीच हो रहा पॉपुलर, जानें क्या है खासियत | Patrika News

Curofy is a telemedicine app for doctors that is designed for physicians to connect with other healthcare professionals. It enables practitioners to explore, share and discover knowledge on various health topics. Physicians can use this platform as an online learning tool where they can discuss cases with others in the industry who have similar experiences or expertise. They can also connect with other healthcare professionals to collaborate and share knowledge.

Apollo 24/7

Covid-19: Consult Doctors Online With Apollo 247 | LBB Delhi

The telemedicine app for doctors is a web and mobile app designed to help doctors communicate with patients, their families, or other healthcare providers. Doctors can send messages via text or phone call through this application. Not only it helps doctors stay in touch with their patients, but they can also refer them to a specialist if needed. Moreover, Apollo 24/24 is free for both the doctor and the patient.

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Today, most people consider online consultations as a feasible and effective way to get connected with the best doctors from anywhere. There are many apps available in the market for this purpose but not every app provides the same features. Therefore, it is important to know the features of all the apps and then install one that is beneficial. The above mentioned are some of the best apps for doctors in India which can help doctors connect with their patients from anywhere and anytime. here are the few Tips for Online Phone & Video Doctor Consultation in India.