Best restaurants in Rajasthan you must visit during your Rajputana retreat

Rajputana retreat and royal food choices make a regal combination. Food and vacation go hand in hand. What you eat during your vacation forms an important role in your joy and excitement of taking a holiday and relaxing in exotic places. As you plan your stay in the desert kingdom of India, Rajasthan, you also start dreaming of savoring the gastronomic delicacies of Rajasthan.

Thus let us peep into the savories of Rajasthan that will add an exotic lacing to the eclectic combination of lakes and deserts, forts and gardens. Rajasthan is the perfect place to explore exquisite food choices, both local delicacies, and continental culinary delights. For years, the cuisine of Rajasthan has been influenced by both the heroic traditions and warrior-class lifestyles and the crop production of a region that receives less of rainfall. Let us go into a food journey through the state of Rajasthan.

Cinnamon, Jaipur

Want to experience the joy of reality through a kingly treatment at the beautiful Jai Mahal Palace of Jaipur! The elegant and rich Indian ambiance of the decor of the restaurant matches the regional rich variety of cuisine. Cinnamon comprises the best of Chefs to roll out the ancient traditional repertoire of delicacies that used to be presented to the kings and queens far back into the history woven around the royal kitchens of Rajasthan. Rajasthani food has a distinctive and unmatched flavor.

The royal Rajasthani spread of a complete meal that is presented as a wholesome thali comprises a delicate range that begins with a starter and continues to include, salad, curries, vegetables, rice, variety of Indian bread cooked from different cereals and topped up with accompaniments such as pickle and crispy papad. One cannot undermine the contribution of the delectable Indian desserts. Every meal leaves a mixed delight of commingling tastes of natural spices, fragrance, texture, and looks. The regal meal is no less fit for a ruler. The restaurant helps to customize the dishes according to tastes and preferences of individuals. Your eating shall be your happiness alluding to Rajasthani heritage.

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Darikhana, Jodhpur

Darikhana is a delightful eating outlet at the gorgeous boutique hotel of Jodhpur, the Raas Hotel. You can experience the lavish sight of the Mehrangarh Fort from the terrace of Darikhana. As you watch the stately Mehrangarh Fort, take pride in eyeing the gorgeous beauty of the pink monument dazzling under the sun during the day time and watch it glow all illumined at night.

Thus you have the royal and perfect backdrop for a romantic meal fraught with elegance and style. This restaurant is a happy mix of the traditional and the modern. The foundations of the recipes of Darikhana are however time tested and falls backs strongly of the traditional use of ingredients and methods of cooking.

The secret to the unbeatable taste of the meals of Darikhana is the sourcing of the ingredients found in some 200-year old shop hidden in the folds or labyrinthine streets of Old Delhi. Darikhana serves aromatic flavors of these hand-ground Old Delhi spices that had satiated the appetites of the old world rulers that ruled the Indian sub-continent.

The taste is all the more enhanced by the fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers. The fresh seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs are amazingly home-grown in the hotel Raas owned organic garden.

Sunset Pavilion, Jodhpur

Sunset Pavilion of Jodhpur is strategically located at one of the finest and most regal locations of Rajasthan. It is situated on the premises of the majestic Umaid Bhawan Palace. Sunset Pavilion is one of the high-end classy dining points that you can find in Jodhpur. Guests can be transported to the upper deck accompanied by the surreal experience of climbing in an elevator that dates back as early as 1940.

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The elevator in itself presents a rare old-world enigma being decorated with carved wood interiors and your awe will be further be heightened as you pass through the Whispers Gallery, where one can enjoy viewing the walls featuring unique and rare images of the Royal Family.

The images present the colorful world of the ancient royal family comprising their hunting traditions, the vintage cars they possessed, etc. After you are seated in the plush dining hall, you would be offered a cup of delicious mulled wine to your delight.

This warm and hospitable gesture helps you to relax and mentally get charged to enjoy the sumptuous cuisine trail. The luxurious restaurant is decorated with motifs originating from the heart of Jodhpur city. The sophisticated eatery serves royal barbecue and international grills. The overtly resourceful Chef ensures that food presentation is creative as well as flawless.


Devi Garh, Udaipur

Devi Garh is a charming ancient eating retreat dating back to the 18th century. It is a magnificent restaurant with a wondrous picturesque setting with the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan as the backdrop. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant and is in the habit of exceeding guest expectations with an innovative range of authentic home-cooked flavors.

The restaurant features an intensely romantic ambiance of dining under the starry skies. The charm is enhanced by the presence of fresh flowers and flickering candles glowing subtly and creating a fairy tale world through their reflection on the mirrored walls.

Enjoy generous meals accompanied by the rhythmic music of flowing water or an enchanting view of the spell-binding moonlit mountain peaks. If you want a pampered stay in the Land of Rajputana, you can check tour packages from eRajasthan.

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The artistic culinary expressions are an inherent part of the restaurant’s heritage to allure diners from far and near and leave them in perpetual awe. The authentic flavors can never be matched anywhere else. The food lovers bask in the glory of quintessential tastes of traditional Indian cuisine.

The street food prepared by expert chefs assumes an upmarket composure. Dine through the enchanting tune of live performances of Jal Tarang or xylophone and melodious flute recitals to have a wholesome dining experience. Devi Garth evokes images of not just culinary delight, but also of a haunting, soul-satiating cultural feast.

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