Best Travel spots in india

Top 5 Best Travel spots in india

Hello friends, in this article, we will tell you about the best travel spots in India today, which is very beautiful. And give you a foreign experience in India. If you are a youtuber, travel vlogger or you are very fond of moving to a new place, then you should read this article completely because in this article we are going to tell about the top five best travel spots.

India is a very beautiful country incorporating its very old culture, so different types of places are available here, where the beauty is made to be seen. That is why every year millions of tourists from abroad come to see the culture and beauty of India.

India is a country where different types of climates are available and here, there is a continuous flow of different types of weather. Like the snow in Jammu and Kashmir, the desert in Rajasthan and the beaches of Goa are very beautiful and pleasing to the mind.

1.Munnar, Kerala – Tea Gardens, Lakes and Pretty little hill-station

Munnar is known in the country and abroad for its tea wealth and for its greenery. This area is completely surrounded by mountain peaks, it is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

It also serves as the world’s largest tea editor. Saathi Munnar has several protected areas that are home to the Nilgiris and other endemic castes. There are a lot of mountains and lakes available here, which is very amazing. If you are a youtuber then you can also take the best cinematic shots by blowing your Drone camera here. And if you do not know about drone, then you can go to the best drone camera in india and buy drone according to your budget.

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If you want to come here, you have to catch a flight from Delhi to Trivandrum or Kochi, then from Kochi you will have to travel by bus or train.

2.Darjeeling, West Bengal – Queen of The Himalayas

It is the most beautiful and green tea garden in the eastern part of India. The sunlight falling on the big hill and the smile of the locals make Darling special. One can enjoy the cool climate throughout the year. Beautiful hill station and the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon. If you are a toutuber, you can get very good cinematic shots with the help of drone here.

To reach here, you have to take a flight from Delhi to Kolkata and kolkata to Siliguri, then you can reach here by bus.

3.Leh Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir – India’s Own Moonland

It is located in Jammu and Kashmir, called the heart of India, which is where the world’s paradise goes. Big mountains and snow-covered trees are the center of attraction here. Every year, millions of foreign tourists come from abroad to visit here. Here you can take cinematic shots of the amazing view of the snow covered mountain with the help of Don. To get here, one has to travel by bus from Delhi to Srinagar and from Srinagar.

4.Goa – Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights

It is one of the most beautiful states of South India in India. Which is known for its – Beaches, Sunsets and Crazy Nights. Every New Year people come from abroad to celebrate New Year which is very famous. Here you can enjoy big bars and casinos. And also here you can capture beautiful beach, coconut tree and natural greenery in your camera with the help of drone. To reach here, you will have to take a flight from Delhi to Panaji and then travel by bus.

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5.Royal Jaisalmer

It is located in the western part of India, which is known for its desert, old fort, old culture. It is a very ancient city which was built by the King Maharajas. Here the weapons of ancient times are kept in the museum. Also, there are very big ancient forts, jharokhas and doors which represent the old culture.

The vast desert can be seen here. Also, with the help of drone, cinematic shots of the panoramic view of the desert can be taken.
To reach here, one has to travel by bus from Delhi to Jodhpur.

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