Best Virtual Event Planning Software to Connect with the Rest of the World

Event management solutions can facilitate end-to-end planning and execution of events. It includes registration, sponsorship, tracking of attendees and much more. In other words, event management software helps you drive success through all parts of events from registration to check-in.

Event management software comes with all tools you will need to organise an event. You can use such software for B2B as well as B2C professional events. You can use event planning software for trade shows, user conference, internal training, and networking events.

The recent outbreak of COVID19 pandemic has hit the event planning industry. According to the current situation, it is hard to expect to conduct events for the next few quarters. Perhaps there may be restrictions on event organising until the vaccination is developed. So, virtual event planning seems to be a solution in the long run.

Of course, you cannot stay unemployed for a long time. If the primary source of income is an event management, you will have to be back to the track as soon as possible – after all, how long will you get by on guaranteed loans for unemployed? As you know that you are not going to be permitted to allow for the congregation, you will need virtual event planning software.


Cvnet truly understands that management is no joke. This software is robust and flexible to meet all your needs from one-to-one professional meetings to conferences at a significant level. Here are the features of Cvent:

  • It can automate several manual tasks and hence save you a lot of time.
  • It offers marketing campaigns at all channels and hence easier to add up the number of attendees.
  • It can navigate every aspect of your event without any hassle. You can make your seminars more successful by alleviating the technical frustration that hampers the registration and attendance.
  • Since you will be sharing web conferencing data with Cvent, participants can quickly attend virtual meetings.
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Planning Pod

This is the best software for conducting virtual events. It helps manage all aspects of the event conducting from registration to managing attendees. Virtual events are no easier to plan than live events.

  • This virtual event planning software delivers over 20 powerful tools to organise the entire data of your event.
  • When you are conducting events at a significant level, it is highly likely to face errors. Ensuring that everybody from the event planning team to participants is on the same page can be hard. Still, Planning Pod offers collaboration and communication tools to keep everybody in the loop.
  • It can save precious time and the last minute ruckus.
  • You can use Planning Pod for conducting any virtual events like conferences, courses and workshops, fairs and festivals, fundraisers, meetings, parties, weddings, training and trade shows.


Make your virtual events like real events with Hubilo. Virtual event corridors allow your users to do all activities that they can do in case of the actual event. These activities include setting up profiles, accessing open sessions, visiting sponsor booth, buying tickets on the special session, and posting on a social wall.

  • Hubilo is best for conducting events that require specific speaker sessions. It can be hosted in real-time and accessed on-demand later.
  • If you are looking forward to conducting webinars, Hubilo is the best event management software solution. It comes with tools that allow you to interact with participants like in real events.
  • Participants can exchange business cards and request a meeting in person.
  • Another peculiar feature that this event management software consists of is virtual booths. It can provide sponsors with online space to promote their products and services through videos. Premium sponsors can also get an opportunity to connect with attendees.
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COVID19 cannot keep you from organising events because Accelevents can manage easily virtual events at affordable prices. Whether your event is hosting 100 people or over 100,000, you can create real-time chats and discussions with attendees by using its in-built tools.

This software allows sponsors to build their virtual booths to promote their products and services. Attendees can connect with them in real-time through any communication means. Your entire team will get access to real-time data, so there is no chance of slipping through the cracks.

As there is no information about when the economic conditions will ameliorate, you cannot sit back and continue to dip into savings. Even though you are not facing many difficulties living off your savings, it can harm your financial condition in the long run.

Since you cannot organise real events now, you should invest in virtual event management software. It can be a bit difficult to pay for it outright because of weak cash flows, but you can fill the gap with high-acceptance payday loans from direct lenders.