Best Ways to Explore Paris: Advice and Warnings for Travelers

Simply one of most enthralling destinations across the entire Europe, Paris is renowned as the city of majestic light, love and culture. Exploring Paris is easy yet complex due to ample offerings of tourist sites, restaurants, markets, pubs and associated attraction to delight the visitors. Once Earnest Hemingway quoted that, “ we can live happy, either at home or in Paris”. No wonder this destination is one of the iconic and best visited place in the world and favourite city to travel to. Along with charming destination, Paris is a place full of other potentials like crowds, long queues, and other tourist scam that rise unpleasant tourist experience. Hence, to prevent all these in the first place, hang tight and read the following post to get an understanding of the Paris in the best way possible.

Visit only one museum to save time: There are ample best-known museums and galleries that are classic embodiment of culture, aesthetics and art. But to save time, and manage to explore the other aspects of Paris, cut to the Louvre. Obliviously, the most fond destination for the visitors, the Louvre provide all the stuff that starts from Greek and Etruscan antiquities to finest Impressionist paintings. If you still manage some more time, pay visit to the Musee d Orsay to observe Picasso and the Musee Rodin.

To play safe: Be safe from the pickpocket, especially if you are upto those things to see in Paris at night, stay alert. Avoid metros at night and also avoid travelling across the Northern Paris suburbs. Be alert while crossing road as traffic laws are pretty low. 

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Book ticket or registered with the travel agency:  To save time and avoid long queues, it is imperative to apply online or seek for other alternatives. Long ques are always boring when Paris has got a basket full of activities. Save yourself from these long ques and buy ticket in advance. There are websites that sell ticket of the variousParis vacation sites and so, get your research, and avail the ticket instead of suffering outside the gate. For Eiffel Tower, Montparnasse Tower, the Lourve, Sainte-Chapelle and the Pantheon, there are websites to sell tickets in advance. If you are not comfortable with the online purchase, look for authentic travle agency around Paris to secure entry passes or tickets.

Embark on a food tour: If you are a true chocolate lover, a gourmet connoisseur or a curious foodie seeking delectable street food, just jump into the food tour program. Discover the secrets and authenticity of French baking and their typical style, termed as boulangerie. For every appetite, there is a culinary tour in Paris. This city has got magnificent food culture, starting from Croissants, baguettes and Eclair, steak frites, crepes, French cheese to fine- wine experience.

Cruise the ‘city of light’ by Bike: Be it an organized trip or a DIY trip to Paris, the fun lies with the bike share system. The thrilling way to roam around Paris and cover 273 miles of bike lanes and see a lot of monuments and attraction while cycling around the city. There is a string unit of public bike share system, also termed as Velib and also ride around ambitious plans underway. This is a phenomenal inclusion in your itinerary as French capital is the midst of a cycle riding-revolution.

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There are other notable points such as keep distance from the shell game scam, don’t fall for the famous ‘Michelin Star dining Experience’, and select small eateries to experience Paris food culture. Make an amazing trip, and travel around like a pro, as there are many Paris vacation sites to explore and so consider expanding your horizon a little bit and don’t forget to participate for an epic view of Paris, and climb up to the Montparnasse Observation Deck to see the city after dark. 

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