betfair api provider in india

Betfair API Provider
The Betfair API is a platform on which developers can build customized betting tools and create their own websites.API contains a powerful set of features.
There are many companies that provide Betfair API but these companies do not provide API in India. because Betfair is not legal in India but Betfair API support provides you Betfair API in India can develop your app for free using Betfair exchange API.
Betfair is banning all its account in India in 2019.due to this all sports betting websites which is running in India is restricted.
There are two types of API:-
(1)Personal API
(2)Commercial API

Both are provided by Betfair API support.
To get Betfair API in india you can take help from our support team.
Benefits of Betfair API include:-
(1)24×7 support services are available.
(2)Provide live odds.
(3)Provide live results.
(4)Search for market type.
(5)Rollup Feature- you can rollup amount and type.

Cheap Betfair API in India?

It is depending on what type of API are you looking for. I would take a look at:
(2)Betting Odds API

JSONOdds and betting Odds API provides a lot of information through their endpoints. 
Both are enough that you’ll be able to make them work for most sports! They give you the option to placing a league, region, and more!
Unfortunately, JSONOdds API doesn’t have a free tier, so you’ll only really want to use this API if you’re a more serious consumer of the API. On the other hand, the Betting exchange API is a free sports API, so you’ll be able to use this without paying, but the data might not be as good.
Betfair API support provides you cheap and affordable API.
Betfair API is the most important requirement for any sports betting website to bring odds and their results.
Betfair API Support has Betfair licensed vendor API which allows us to form Betfair API after banning in India also. Betfair API is very much used in all sports betting and to create your own betting website of India and also outside India.

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