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Blockchain training online: Get the No.1 Emerging Job in India

India has always been considered world over as a force to reckon with in technological innovation. Keeping pace with it, along with India’s digitization adoption, it is no surprise that the technology jobs (especially of the domain Blockchain training online) top the list of the 15-most emerging jobs in India in the year 2020, according to a report by LinkedIn.

Blockchain developer has topped that list, becoming the most in-demand profession followed by AI Specialist and JaveScript developer at second and third place. A well designed and delivered blockchain training online or through a blended approach would help developers land this in-high-demand job in 2020.

LinkedIn has crunched a unique data set obtained from its 62 million users in India to establish the fastest-growing jobs.  Tech and its related dominance by India have played a major role in India emerging as a global power and it is no surprise that the list is topped with hard tech jobs.

Adding to this is the is a report by McKinsey, India is the second-fastest digitizing world economy and states that the tech sector will deliver trillion-dollar economic value and sustain 65 million jobs by the year 2025.

“This year’s emerging jobs report is a window into the changing landscape of the Indian economy. The country is seeing a rise in digital transactions, and therefore industries are ramping up investments in Blockchain,” said Ruchee Anand, LinkedIn’s head of talent solutions and learning solutions for India.

Another report by the National Association of Software and Services Company (NASSCOM) and Avasant blockchain report 2019 have noted that enterprises across Key industries are identifying blockchain applications. Blockchain has seen the highest adoption in BFSI ( Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector, followed closely by healthcare, retail, and logistics. All these factors have accelerated the demand for blockchain developers.

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Blockchain training online: The skills needed to be a blockchain developer?

Blockchain developers need to develop and optimize blockchain protocols and design the architecture of blockchain systems. Build products and services linked with technology like contracts and apps.

Blockchain developers with the skills to work on Hyperledger, Solidity, Node.js, Smart Contracts and dApps are highly in demand due to the widespread adoption of blockchain globally.

Keeping up with this demand is the blockchain training online for eager working professionals provided by many top-notch schools and e-learning platforms. One such blockchain training institute in Bangalore is EMURGO Academy.

They have pioneered a blended mode of learning for many working professionals so they can upskill themselves to Blockchain and land this coveted job of Blockchain Developer in the year 2020. 

EMURGO Academy has since started its Blockchain training online delivered through through a classroom. This program is called WorkPro. Apart from Blockchain training in Bangalore, they have started in other cities like Hyderabad, and will shortly be flagging off new batches of their Fullstack blockchain developer programs in Chennai and Pune as well.

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