Bolt Movie Review

Bolt begins with an adoption sequence, where Penny, as a little girl, adopts Bolt as a puppy. From there, it’s a quick cut to 5 years later, where Penny and Bolt star in their own action TV show. After watching an entertaining and nicely laid out action sequence from their TV show, we slowly learn from the first act, that Bolt has grown so obssessed with his TV show, that he actually believes that he is a superdog and has the ability to fight villains, like in the show at 123movies.

So then, it would only be reasonable to believe that once Penny is kidnapped in one of the episodes, Bolt automatically thinks that she is kidnapped for real. Easily escaping from his trailer home, Bolt rushes around the campus looking for Penny until he accidentally finds his way into a packing crate headed to New York. Once there, it’s not long before Bolt forces a reluctant cat to help him find Penny, as well as befriending an exaggerated and insanely hyper hamster named Rhino. They then must make their way all the way back to Hollywood, California, Bolt still believing that he is a superdog.

Of course, this being a comedy, you can expect plenty of laughs that are delivered. John Travolta delivers the voice of Bolt with just the right touch of comedy and drama, while Miley Cyrus succeeds as Penny… the lonely, depressed girl who just lost her dog. Although the cast is not as all-star as, per say, Madagascar 2, it most definetely is able to create humorous and touching moments without trudging into the corny side. The animation is done well, and although I was not able to see this in Disney Digital 3-D, I know that it most definetely would’ve been cool to see it in 3-D.

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Of course, this being a Disney film you can’t expect many twists and turns in the plot or anything really out of the ordinary or unpredictable. Its plot pretty much remains on the same track all the way through, with nothing too eye-popping or mind-boggling. It is a light-fare movie, that is the perfect treat for someone in need of a mindless yet still insanely fun ride. It offers the normal array of corny Disney morals, the usual happy ending, and the senseless curveballs, meant to throw you off track, even though you know that in the end it will steer back on track once again. In the end, while watching the movie’s end credits, I tried to assess what I had just seen. Although I had most definetely found myself laughing hysterically at many points throughout the film, I just couldn’t escape the movie’s many Disney cliches. For some, they will find the “disneyification” a good thing, as they are in need of a light, careless, yet still humorous treat. For others, in need of a thought-provoking, unpredictable, and deep film… “Bolt” fails to satisfy. Of course, since “Bolt” was never made out to be any of those things, it’s only reasonable for it to end up being mindless. But isn’t that the fun of it all? Isn’t that what you’ve come to expect nowadays from Disney? In conclusion, “Bolt” will please those who have come to love the normal Disney formula. For everyone else, this flick would be one to pass. “Bolt” is plain ol’ Disney… which could be taken as good thing for some, or a bad thing for others.

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