Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

The standard refrigerator has taken on many different designs in recent decades. For a long time, consumers only had the option of very bland models that while functional, left much to be desired in terms of appearance. Only a few of the best whirlpool refrigerators make it to the list by having plenty of features at an affordable cost.

Many refrigerator manufacturers or producers in the country began to catch on that a new approach was needed to make their appliances more desirable. By the 1960s, bottom freezer refrigerators were beginning to make an appearance.

What are Bottom Freezer Refrigerators?

Bottom freezer refrigerators take the old school standard refrigerator design and reverse it. These models feature a freezer positioned at the base of the unit, with the refrigerator on top. Most bottom freezer refrigerators are proportioned much like standard models, with a taller refrigerator compartment and a shorter freezer compartment. The freezer drawer is becoming a very popular design element as well, which makes accessing the cold storage at the bottom of the unit much more convenient.

Benefits of Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

Standard refrigerators work well, so why change a good thing? Many households choose bottom freezer refrigerators for a number of reasons. The first is the safety factor. Items that are stored in the freezer tend to be heavier and harder. For example, meat and poultry are often frozen and kept in the freezer because it significantly increases shelf life. That also makes these items, which can weigh as much as several pounds, heavy and hard. Should a frozen chicken or roast slip out of the freezer, it could fall and cause damage to the floor or individuals standing near the open freezer.

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Every refrigerator has a maximum capacity, and consumers are always advised to follow these manufacturer guidelines. However, even when the freezer is nearly empty, there is always the risk of something heavy and frozen slipping out and falling to the floor. Bottom freezer refrigerators eliminate this concern by keeping the freezer low to the ground.

Models that implement a freezer drawer are also much more convenient in terms of food access. These drawers generally come with dividers to create compartments of varying sizes to accommodate many different food items. Food can be stacked and easily lifted out of the freezer drawer.

Is the Bottom Freezer Refrigerator for You?

Bottom freezer refrigerators have been around for decades. Many popular appliance manufacturers have picked up on this design and made their own adjustments to it. The bottom freezer refrigerator is an excellent choice for many consumers, especially those with small children who may be in danger of lingering under an open freezer. The only downside will be keeping the ice cream out of the little ones’ reach!

Anyone with health concerns that affect mobility in the back and shoulders may prefer bottom freezer refrigerators over standard units. Accessing frozen foods will only involve sliding open the drawer and choosing the desired item, rather than reaching up for the item.