Braces: The When, Why and How?

Every time someone mentions braces, millennials’ minds always go back to the horrifying girl from Finding Nemo. Movies and television shows attribute braces to characters they want the audience to see as awkward, mean or most times, “ugly” Fortunately, this type of harmful mindset is frowned upon in today’s Australia.

Liverpool, in particular, celebrates braces. What’s wrong with wearing them? The problem begins when one doesn’t wear them even after being advised to. Finding a Liverpool dentist committed to solving all teeth troubles right from braces to root canals, may not actually be a problem. There are actually some really experienced dentists in the town.

However, one cannot randomly decide to get braces on a whim, regardless of whether they are adults or children. Options must be considered and carefully evaluated before arriving at a decision. Here’s when, why and how someone should get braces.

When Should One Get Them?

There is no shame in wearing braces if one is an adult. Better late than never, right? Statistics have shown that about 20 per cent of the people who wear braces currently are adults. That is not a statistic one can dismiss.

A large number of children all around the country wear braces from elementary through middle school, and sometimes even up to high school.

Signs in Adults

The following signs show whether an adult might need braces:

  • Jaw gets stressed or tired upon chewing food.
  • Struggle to brush and floss crooked teeth.
  • Struggle to pronounce words correctly because the tongue is under the teeth.
  • Repeated cutting or biting of the tongue.
  • Visible crookedness and overcrowding of teeth.
  • Jaw making noises caused when chewing or after waking up.
  • Improper closing of teeth when the mouth is closed.
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Signs in Children

The following signs show whether a child might need braces:

  • Visible crookedness and overcrowding of teeth.
  • Mistimed loss of milk/baby teeth.
  • The habit of thumb-sucking at infancy.
  • Clicking jaws.
  • Mouth breathing.
  • Improper closing of teeth when the mouth is at rest.
  • Susceptibility to accidental biting of the roof of the mouth, the tongue or the cheek’s inside.


Wearing braces results in several benefits, and a perfect smile is just one of them. Braces straighten the teeth out and make their overall positioning much better. They improve the way the upper and lower set of teeth close together. Improper biting of teeth can cause many jaw problems. It is also much easier to clean teeth when they are straight.

Teeth must be inside the lips. If they are not, they can be prone to many injuries. Braces ensure that the teeth are safely tucked inside the lips. Additionally, if teeth don’t adequately meet each other, they will not withstand the test of time. The wearing-out of teeth can be slowed down considerably by wearing braces.


If any of the above signs are spotted, make an appointment with a Liverpool dentist immediately. Another tip; if children are taken to the dentist before they turn 7, the outcomes improve significantly.

Adults can also find affordable dental treatment here in Liverpool, and the success rates are quite high. As Julie Andrews says in Princess Diaries, “A Queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” And there’s no doubt that Liverpool is home to the most killer-of-Queens!

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