Brass Knuckles – Knock Out Enemies With a Single Punch

Brass knuckles are a popular self defense weapon that has been into play for quite a while now. They are metal made knuckles that you wear over your own hand knuckles to deliver rock-solid punches to the enemy which otherwise you cannot deliver with your own bare knuckles.

When the metal thing gets on top, by default, you get to punch opponents harshly. However, it is vital to understand how to use the self defense weapons brass knuckles before setting out. You must keep in mind that while delivering punches, you should never deliver straight punches. 

It would help if you always punched using a rounded hand, which proves to be effective and safe at the same time. As the knuckles have been out there for quite long, they are also known by knuckle duster, knuckle buster, and knucks. 

Brass Knuckles for Sale 

The Brass Knuckles for sale that exist today will leave you amazed as they come in very different and unique forms. The variations the weapons come in are:

  • Finger Holes

Usually, the knuckles that you get to see on a daily basis have four finger holes, and you get plenty of those in the markets. However, now you also get to buy knuckles that have two finger holes, an example of which is the cat knuckle. It is shaped like a cat face, has two finger holes, is small in size, and has a keychain along. All of these good aspects make it the best weapon for women. 

  • Designed Weapons

After the difference based on finger holes, you get to find knuckles that differ in terms of designs. There are colored knuckles that you get to find which have a single color like the golden and silver knucks, or you get to find multi-colored knuckles such as the rainbow knuckles. Some of the knuckles are also themed like the zombie knuckles, which feature a zombie print on top. 

  • Engraved and Customized Knuckles
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This collection of weapons comprises of knuckles that have engravings on top, such as the blessed blood knuckle, and you get to find customized knuckles like the bullet or gun knuckle, which feature a bullet and gun made on top. The personalized tools also come in the form of added features such as the bottle opener, where you get to find one attached to your knuckle. 

  • Other

Other difference that you get to notice in the weapons may be of the size where you get to find the standard knuckles that suit all, and you get to see small brass knuckles that are the best for females due to the added features they have and due to the easy to carry sizes they have. The knuckles also differ in terms of being a brand where you get to buy branded weapons that last a good deal of time and are totally worth buying. 

Uses of the Real Brass Knuckles for Sale

All knuckles fall into the real category; however, the fancy ones suit collectors and the real brass knuckles for sale that are plain colored suit people who mean serious business. The use of the weapon will leave you astonished.

To begin with, the knuckles are the best in keeping you safe no matter if you have them home or are carrying them outside, a single punch of them will do the job for you. They can be taken with you easily because they have less weight and a pocket easy size. This makes them a great self defense tool.

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The weapons can also be used in your offices as a paperweight. They can be used as such because they are metal made and have some weight on them. Not only will they ensure that your papers don’t fly off, but they will also give an attractive look to your workstation because of the cool looks they have.

The next thing that can be done with the knucks is that of collection. You can go on to build a collection out of the knuckles by adding different types of it to your display. You can then show off your collection to people by placing them in your living room, or you can go on to display things online by posting pictures of them. 

Are knuckles legal to use?

Yes, the knuckles are legal to use; however, you must only use them for self defense and not for attacking people. You also need to check with the laws of your state before going on to purchase them. 

Buy Brass Knuckles Today

Now that you have comprehensive knowledge of the knuckles, you may be thinking of places to buy brass knuckles from and what they cost. Well, the fact of the time is that as far as the brass knuckles price is concerned, you need not worry as they are priced at the lower end. 

Being low priced, everyone gets the chance to buy one for them. You can buy brass knuckles wholesale to make money out of them by selling them ahead for markup, or you can pick the cheap brass knuckles for your own use. The knuckles are available at weapon markets nationwide, and you can even buy them from online marketplaces such as the PA Knives who will also deliver the weapon if you want. Place your order for your desired brass knuckles today.

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