Meira T evil eye necklaces

Bring back your faith in Superpower and good Omen with Evil Eye Jewelry!

Belief in the evil eye is worldwide. The tales of evil are found in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu as well as Buddhist cultures. An evil eye is believed to be a malicious glare, out of spite, malice or envy that inflicts misfortune, suffering or bad luck to the recipient. The luck charms created to protect against the evil eye are called evil eyes. They are incorporated in various jewellery pieces like pendants, earrings, rings, anklets, bracelets, and necklaces. People like to wear evil eye jewellery permanently to save them from malevolent glare. Evil eye necklaces are popular among men and women as a protective shield to stare back against such harmful glare.

The luck charm ‘evil eye’ originated in Greece, and it was called apotropaic Amulet-a reflected image. The most basic design of evil is with concentric blue and white circles to symbolize evil eyes. A blue eye bead or dill herb is hanged for warding off the unwanted focus of the onlookers. The evil eye charm comes in different colors. However, the evil eye charm with a blue gemstone in the middle is most popular across the world. The blue color symbolizes good karmas, positive energies, and protection. The white-black evil eye protects against the harm of power and prosperity to the wearer.

An evil glare does not come from an enemy or stranger but can also come from oneself. Too much fame, fortune, success or praise may be the cause for his downfall. That’s why evil eye charms have received so much attention in today’s time. It has a powerful influence on modern life, pop culture, and even jewelry and design. Meira T evil eye necklaces have been popular among celebrities, models and actors.

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Meira T is a well-known name among jewelry shoppers in New York City. She creates designs and manifests fine jewelry reflecting her European upbringing and love for fashion and travel. She uses 14 and 18-carat gold, diamonds and colored gemstones in her jewelry. Her evil eye necklaces are trendy and unique in Manhattan. 

The Meira T evil eye pendant has blue sapphire in the centre surrounded by light blue diamonds and 24-carat diamonds on the circumference of the pendant. Her off-centred charms give this necklace an extra pop of sparkle. The chain measures 16-18 inches and is made with 14-carat yellow gold. White topaz has been attached to the string giving it stunning accent charm. Meira T evil eye necklaces are excellent everyday wear for today’s women.

The evil eye jewelry is available in different metals, gemstones, and varieties. It may be a bracelet containing an evil eye bead and a black thread or an intricately designed blue gemstone studded gold necklace. Evil eye jewelry in the form of necklaces, bracelets, and anklets can be styled in a lot of ways to complement the look of the wearer. It looks fantastic with any outfit. Evil eye jewelry is a must for everyone to bring back a sense of faith in superpower and good omen to one’s life.

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