Broken Phone Screen? Here are The a Few Solutions to it

A recent study by the e-commerce platform Flipkart states that 40% of mobile phone users experience extensive damage to their phone screens and yet continue using them in that condition.

Phone users should explore repairing options on the basis of age, model, and operating system of their damaged phones. Besides avoiding certain risks using a phone with a damaged display, individuals should also consider mobile screen insurance plans for hassle-free usage.

Risks associated with using phones with broken screens

Individuals using phones with damaged screens experience several health and safety risks, besides operational issues. The reasons as to why they should avoid using broken phone screens are as follows –

  • Malfunction of phone systems – Individuals who use phones with cracked screens often encounter system lags due to a degraded touch screen capacity. These phones also take longer while responding to finger gestures.
  • Splinters – Individuals are susceptible to finger cuts from fragmented glass or acrylic display pieces on the affected phone.  
  • Eye strain – Using cracked phone displays for a prolonged period increases the possibility of eye strain in the long run. 

Users also experience a higher risk of radiation through harmful radio frequencies through broken screens. 

Solution for broken phone screens 

Individuals have various options to deal with broken phone screen in the following ways – 

1. Consult an authorised service centre 

Phone users with broken screens can immediately check whether the time of occurrence falls within the warranty cover period on damages as extended by manufacturers. In case the screen damage is not covered by the phone company, individuals can opt for screen repair services provided by manufacturers. 

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Users may gather online details about the manufacturer’s servicing shops or affiliate outlets located regionally for convenient service experience. Companies from which individuals have purchased their phones offer repair services of superior quality in case of screen damage.

2. Check independent repair shops 

Individuals should first compare the service rates offered by manufacturers and independent phone repair units, depending on the extent of the damage. If the screen damage is reasonable, users can purchase convenient services at a lower price from local phone repair shops. 

Users should, however, check the quality and brand of the screen to be attached in order to increase phone safety and screen longevity. 

3. Purchase mobile screen insurance plans 

Several financial companies offer a mobile insurance policy for individuals purchasing a new phone. Insuring displays will help a user operate their phone without worrying about finances arising from repairing the same. 

The best mobile insurance plans offer high covers at nominal premiums, with convenient payment options such as mobile wallets, UPI, credit and debit cards. Some of the ideal mobile insurance policies also offer financial protection against damages caused by riots, strikes, floods, earthquakes, and cyclones. 

Bajaj Finserv, a reputed NBFC, provides the Mobile Screen Insurance plan under Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions which can provide substantial financial coverage against expenses to repair screen damages.

Besides, individuals can also insure their handheld tablets against accidental damages by purchasing a handheld tablet devices insurance plan.

On the same lines, those using e-readers can also purchase insurance policies to financially cover the same. Such a handheld e-reading devices insurance plan also provides similar features like the product mentioned above.

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It should be noted here that physical damage to smartphone displays are also not covered in extended warranties. Hence, individuals should also purchase a mobile protection plan to financially safeguard themselves from such incidents.

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