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Broker helps bad credit customers during Covid-19 with faster procedure

Shine Mortgages today announced that it had intensified its efforts to help its bad credit customers. The online broker is working hard to work on the existing applications with poor credit issues. It is in continuous contact with the lenders to make sure that the process on the loan request is in progress. Due to the coronavirus, the mortgage process is already quite slow.

The broking company is concerned about the concerns of its clients and getting continuous phone calls from the applicants. The people are worried about their mortgage application status, and they are already in great financial difficulty due to lockdown. But the broker is doing its best to help the customers, especially the existing ones.

The broker is in a conversation with its bad credit mortgage lenders. Primarily to discuss on how to proceed on the applicants that are on furloughed income. They will get back to their jobs after the lockdown is over, but as the mortgage is a big loan, a discussion between the lender and the borrower is necessary.

To make things happen faster, the broker is in contact with the applicants to know the latest change in their income status. The same information will be communicated to the lenders for the timely decision without any waste of time.

Emily Smith, the Senior Loan Executive, says – ‘We have good hopes for the applicants with good income if they can manage to maintain the financial stability. Emily said that when someone asks about how to get a mortgage with bad credit but good income in the UK, we always say, you can do that SMOOTHLY with us. Our answer is the same even now if the fund seeker can manage at least a little bit stability in his/her finances. We need to show the lender a repayment capacity. If the applicant can do that, the approval chances are undoubtedly bright.

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During this challenging time, the broker is trying its best to deliver its services to the borrowers with comfort. The mortgage market has been in the lockdown for a while; however, the lenders are getting back gradually. Still, many mortgage companies may take time, they have withdrawn their higher LTV products, and this is what hampers the efforts of the broking company. However, among the existing lenders on the panel of the broker, many are available with lucrative deals in the coming two months.

About the company

Shine Mortgages is an online mortgage broker with 90+ lenders on its panel that offer funds for all sorts of mortgage needs. The broker is backed-up with 15.5 years of its establishment. It brings 100% LTV deals for the first time buyers and also has bad credit mortgage lenders on its panel. Besides, there are deals available on a remortgage, commercial mortgage and mortgage for moving home.

The broker offers fee-free services and takes care of all the formalities and paperwork on behalf of the borrower. With the whole-of-market approach, the broker successfully brings the low rate deals for the mortgage applicants.