Business studies programs offered at Westcliff university
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Business studies programs offered at Westcliff university

Westcliff University is one of the best universities in the US for business studies if you look at it from the perspective of a foreign study aspirant. If you are a foreign study aspirant looking forward to pursuing a business degree with bright future prospects, you must look into the programs offered at the School of business.

Westcliff University provides a lucrative opportunity to not only become a good business professional but also get better at communication and critical thinking. The key priority of programs at the school of business is the development of analytical and critical thinking skills. Those skills, once sharp, improve the level of readiness of future professionals for solving real-world problems. 

Why choose Westcliff University as a foreign student?  

Westcliff University provides a unique opportunity to acquire education online as well as through a hybrid on-campus course enrollment. Well, this allows you to gain education from a reputable foreign university without traveling miles. If you are from a developing country like Pakistan, it is a very promising opportunity for you to avail. Since it is a foreign education, you need to seek professional help. You can get in touch with one of the best Education Consultants in Islamabad to ensure that you are successful in securing admission.

This article aims to introduce you to the programs offered at the Westcliff School of business at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels.   

Business programs at Westcliff university for foreign students

Westcliff University has two major schools: the School of education and the school of business. School of Business offers comprehensive study programs at undergraduate, graduate as well as doctoral levels. All these programs make their students better ready for their professional endeavors. The programs with their descriptions are listed below: 

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1. BBA

The program for a bachelor’s in Business administration offers a rich experience for its students in a number of ways. If you secure admission for it, you will get significant exposure to a multidisciplinary combination of areas including but not limited to accounting, finance, sales, marketing, operations, marketing, and Information technology.

Most professors who teach courses under this program are themselves good professionals from their relevant industry of expertise and are capable of empowering their students to become industry leaders of the future. At the end of the four years, the students will be able to think critically, analyze data, and solve real-world problems. The program encourages higher rates of group discussion so as to give students the chance to have meaningful debates and motivate them for class participation.

2. MBA

If you study an MBA at Westcliff school of business, you will have an open choice of choosing between management or entrepreneurship as your long term career. As a student, you will need to take three courses at the very least, and thus the credit hours requires you to complete total to 9 hours in your areas of concentration.

The options you will have in Areas of concentration can be general management, marketing, financial management, international business, organizational management, e-business management, supply chain management, health care management, and entrepreneurship.

3. DBA

DBA stands for Doctor of business administration. This course is especially for the aspirants who already have gotten their masters degree in business administration. If you are done with your MBA degree and are looking forward to developing your practical knowledge as well as theoretical exposure, you can opt for this degree. The program emphasizes decision making and leadership skills at an advanced level.

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Having secured the admission, you will be able to develop a deep understanding and knowledge of theoretical as well as practical research. You will be able to learn about the challenges that present-day business market faces. The program allows the doctoral students to attend the courses online or I hybrid format as well. It is very rare to occur at doctoral levels, and thus many aspirants prefer WU DBA.

4. Certificate programs

Apart from regular business degrees for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels, the Westcliffe university offers a variety of certificate programs at all three levels. These cover the areas of  management leadership, organizational leadership, executive management, and business administration.   

Looking forward to business studies in the US?

Westcliff is one of the most lucrative options you have among US universities. You will significant exposure to global business trends, practices, and challenges. Just seek professional education consultants and seal your position on the merit list now!

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